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0024810mantisbtmarkdownpublic2019-05-28 04:32
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Product Version2.17.1 
Summary0024810: Markdown links/code always show HTML entities for Ampersand and Less-than sign

When activating Markdown in the Formatterplugin
it is not possible anymore to set links:

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related to 0024240 closeddregad XML in Markdown Code ist not rendered correct 
related to 0024628 assigneddregad Double quotes " and lesser than sign < are shown as HTML entity within Markdown code blocks 
has duplicate 0025405 closeddregad Links on summary, notes, and Details converted to other chars 




2018-09-26 09:13

reporter   ~0060697

As you can see the link contains & amp ; instead if the &.

Same if I replace the ampersand by the related HTML entity;test3=4

which should be the correct way according to Markdown specs.



2019-05-23 04:51

reporter   ~0062117

Is there any chance of getting this fixed in the foreseeable future?



2019-05-28 04:30

developer   ~0062148

@c_schmitz this is quite complicated and I unfortunately do not have the enough spare time to spend on this.

You can have a look if the problem is addressed by work-in-progress PR but I'm not sure it is because IIRC I was stuck with fixing URLs when I stopped working on that.

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