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0008114mantisbtcustomizationpublic2019-01-10 10:35
Reporterrata Assigned To 
Status acknowledgedResolutionopen 
Product Version1.0.7 
Summary0008114: Clone and Move customization

I have create a customisation that replaces the existing Clone button with a Clone To: button and drop down box. The drop down box lists the valid projects for the user with the current project selected by default.

To clone to the same project as the existing bug then the user only needs to click the Clone To: button. To clone the bug to another project then select the project in the drop down then click the Clone To: button. The Bug Report page opens the same as the previous clone function did but the new project title is shown against the category. The Advanced or Simple Bug Report page will open depending on the user default setting.

This customisation was developed against Mantis 1.0.7 and is working on Windows Server 2003 with Apache 2.0. It is still in Beta.

I do not have a CVS patch available.

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2007-07-01 21:25 (32,244 bytes)

2007-07-01 23:26


Clone To.pdf (346,510 bytes)


2007-07-03 00:02

manager   ~0014847

I haven't looked at the patch, but the feature makes sense.

2007-11-08 10:03 (34,253 bytes)


2007-11-08 10:04

reporter   ~0016113

Thanks for your customization! I've uploaded a new version ( which corrects a few bugs, and properly supports subprojects. Based on v1.0.8.

(Note: we have the plugin customization on our server and some of that code may be in these files as well -- doubt it though).



2008-02-20 02:30

reporter   ~0017117

caiken - Thanks for the additional work you did. We never used subprojects when I developed this so I overlooked them. Now we do use subprojects so I have finally got to look at your revisions and have merged them into v1.1.1. It works OK when I clone to another project but I am getting an error when I try to clone to a subproject. The error is displayed when the bug_report_page_advanced is loaded. The error says 'APPLICATION ERROR #203 A number was expected for c_pid.'. Do you have any ideas?



2008-02-21 01:12

reporter   ~0017132

I was able to find the problem:
In bug_report_advanced_page.php;
$c_pid = gpc_get_int( 'c_pid', 0 ); should be $c_pid = gpc_get( 'c_pid', 0 );

Bug_report_page is the same except gpc_get_int is currently gpg_get_int. Both problems can be fixed by using the line above.



2008-02-24 20:03

reporter   ~0017183

rata -- you are right, I never tested it when clone a sub-project issue. Thanks for the fix.



2010-06-15 20:22

reporter   ~0025862

Any chance of updating this for Mantis 1.2.1?



2011-04-30 06:28

reporter   ~0028725

Superb idea! For somewhat related info see also the forum item I've created here



2016-09-01 08:19

reporter   ~0053922

Hi all,
I would like to use that interesting feature. Do you know if the current implementation is compliant with the 1.3.x version ?
Thanks a lot in advance !



2016-09-01 16:27

reporter   ~0053926

Please disregard my last question.
As far as I understand the function has been integrated in earlier version though the Copy function located in the popup menu.
Nevertheless, this is not as user friendly as a button (similar to the "Clone To" button) within the Issue HMI. The idea would be to have the Clone To button, as well as the already implemented Copy function.



2016-09-05 17:06

manager   ~0053952

I agree that it is confusing to have a Clone and a Copy function and also to have Clone on the issue itself (which is more discoverable) and Copy on the issue group actions list in View Issues page (which is used less). Ideally, we would have something similar to the Clone To proposed here that includes both functionality.



2019-01-10 10:35

reporter   ~0061201

do we have a plan for v2 ? or patch