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0009072mantisbtfeaturepublic2019-02-16 07:04
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Product Version1.1.1 
Summary0009072: Not possible to create a clone in a different project

In our organization we have 2 projects configured (one for Systems department and one for Software department). If a problem is found it is reported on system level. If it is not only a documentation/hardware issue, and software needs to be changed, a clone is created for the Software project. However, this is not directly possible. It is only possible to:

  • create a Clone on the same project
  • then moving it to the other project,
  • then updating the Category.

We do not need to adjust custom fields, since these are the same for both projects.

Sugestion: When pressing Clone, first show a different page (like e.g. the “login_select_proj_page.php?ref=bug_report_page.php”) this page then will request

  • Project
  • Category

and then show the Report Issue page, with the new custom fields (which are not present in the original project) set to their defaults.

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related to 0008114 acknowledged Clone and Move customization 
has duplicate 0024425 closedatrol clone and move a bug in one action 




2008-04-22 08:49

reporter   ~0017659

We've just implemented exactly this feature in our customized mantis deployment. I'll work on a patch for this.



2008-05-06 19:42

reporter   ~0017786

another vote for this feature, thanks!



2008-05-09 05:25

reporter   ~0017804


Excellent!!! Thankx for picking up this issue!



2009-08-27 09:46

reporter   ~0022820




2010-04-21 08:17

reporter   ~0025184

Any updates? I'd also need that feature!



2014-01-25 09:42

developer   ~0039180

Unassigned after having been assigned for a long time without progress.



2014-01-28 05:16

reporter   ~0039213

May we remind Daryn of GPL?



2014-01-28 15:38

developer   ~0039224

Last edited: 2014-01-28 15:39

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May we remind Daryn of GPL?
I am no license expert, what do you mean with this?
Ask for the code of his MantisBT installation?

We might get the complete code of his customized MantisBT but will still not have a patch to resolve this issue.



2016-02-23 04:00

reporter   ~0052542

This seems to be related to 0008144.

Will it be implemented in 1.3?



2016-02-23 04:11

developer   ~0052543

This seems to be related to 0008144.
I don't see any relationship to 0008144.



2016-02-23 04:27

developer   ~0052544

Seems you mean 0008114



2016-02-23 04:31

developer   ~0052545

Will it be implemented in 1.3?
I don't think so.

You might want to use the "Copy" functionality of the "View Issues" page for it.



2016-02-23 05:00

reporter   ~0052546

Oh, sorry for the confusion, you are perfectly right with the issue #.

Ah, and there is no "Copy" button on the "View Issue Details" page; I rarely use the action menu on the "View Issues" page, so I was not aware of it. But this is good to know, now I can tell my colleagues about it. Thanks a lot!



2017-01-18 06:22

reporter   ~0055195

Hi, I comment on this issue because we have the same need as in the description.

Thanks for the tip of the copy (I was not ware of its existence till now). Very useful and could fulfill the action in a certain way.
The only differences I point out though comparing to the clone action are that

  • the copy copies everything including the notes, while the the clone does not (which would be the desired case in my case because each cloned ticket has its own lifecycle in its own project/team).
  • also the relationship is not set when using the "copy" action, while it's present when using the clone action.


2017-01-19 08:24

reporter   ~0055236

+1 too, definitely need this!

Our use case involves tracking security vulnerabilities and 'cloning' a task descriptive values without its notes would definitely be awesome.
Right now we typically play the "clone issue -> move to other project-> delete each note -> delete each file" song...

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