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Summary0010211: SLA


Is in Mantis the SLA requeriments implemented?. Example when I create an incident in the Mantis, depends on the priority the mantis can assign a resolution time automatically.

Best Regards.



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2009-10-12 04:12

manager   ~0023143

MantisBT doesn't support the concept of SLA out of the box. However, this would be a good plugin candidate. The plugin would provide the appropriate reporting and reminders.



2010-01-14 03:56

reporter   ~0024144

I just created a new plugin on MantisForge.

We made a custom summary page that calculates things like reaction times (new until acknowleged), resolution time and so on.

As soon as I found out how, I will upload the plugin.

Maybe it is useful for you (or you even want to join the development).



2010-01-22 11:45

reporter   ~0024226

Great enhancement



2010-01-25 17:40

reporter   ~0024245

We're using Mantis to manage and report on SLA issues already, but never got to developing a report for those response and resolution times, so I'd love to try this!

we use "severity" to define the level of the incident with associated response+resolution times (how important is it), and "priority" to specify the order in which we work on issues (how urgent is it)

interesting problem to find a way to define the times of service levels: for instance, if a ticket doesn't have enough information, we set it to status "feedback", and don't count the time waiting for feedback as part of our resolution time :-)



2010-01-26 00:38

reporter   ~0024250

Yes .. sure. What the plugin is currently missing is configurablity. Feel free to add that.



2010-06-08 05:57

reporter   ~0025758

Hi, we are after SLA functionality is there any plan to integrate this kind of support into Mantis actual?

I seem to be having trouble getting the plugin from GIT @work. :-/




2010-09-06 02:11

reporter   ~0026580

In our current setup ( < 1.2.0) we have added a field to the Category table defining the default number of days for resolution. these days are then used for calculating the due date.
Would prefer not to change standard mantis but have not yet found a good way of using a plugin to achive the same. Any suggestions out there?



2010-12-06 05:25

reporter   ~0027545

Hello world,

I have updated the page about Mantis ITIL v3 compliance :

Perhaps could you append your ITIL v3 mantis configurations, experiences, documentations, and source code ;) ?

Thanks for the best BT MANTIS !



2013-03-26 03:37

reporter   ~0035965

Hi, we are very interested in this plugin as well. Thank you very much for the job!!

I'd like to give it a try but it looks like the repository is down. Any link where I could get it please?

Thanks again.



2013-10-14 17:25

developer   ~0038265

I'd like to give it a try but it looks like the repository is down.
New location for the repository is see 0016030



2014-08-20 09:25

reporter   ~0041099

Hi. New location is also down.
Do you have the new one? :)



2014-08-20 09:32

developer   ~0041100



2014-08-20 16:04

reporter   ~0041106

Last edited: 2014-08-20 16:20

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Thank You .
I managed to download and install this plugin! However, is there any manual explaining how to use it?
By now the hyperlink appeared in my menu named "EVALUATION". When I click it I get the APPLICATION ERROR 0001502. (no categories found).



2014-08-21 16:14

developer   ~0041108

dippel, the mentioned plugin is a 3rd party development that is not supported / maintained by the MantisBT core team. Please use to enter bug reports.
The original author is no longer contributing to the plugin, it seems that no other user continued his work.



2018-11-02 09:55

reporter   ~0060905

Last edited: 2018-11-02 10:07

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Since last comment last 4 years, is there any progress? Does someone created working plugin which can meter and report definied SLA levels for tickets?

Maybe you know someone who can create such plugin?

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