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0025564mantisbtbugtrackerpublic2019-09-12 15:19
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Summary0025564: Issues in disabled projects are accessible

Currently, disabling a projects seems only to affect to the user ability to "browse" or filter that project issues as a whole,
But issues contained in the disabled projects are still:

  • accessible, for example, through direct links
  • editable
  • generating email notifications

Is that expected behaviour?

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related to 0025641 new Refactor project hierarchy 
related to 0026131 closedatrol Allow for non-enabled projects to be seen in View Issues 
related to 0010498 acknowledged Allow search filter to include issues within "disabled" projects and their children 




2019-03-05 10:06

developer   ~0061627

TBH I don't really know, I've never actually used this feature myself.

I believe it makes sense that the issues remain accessible.
As for being editable, this is questionable but I don't have a strong opinion.



2019-03-24 03:29

manager   ~0061758

I would say that if a project is disabled, the following functionality shouldn't be possible:

  • Viewing, Editing, Deleting issues
  • Searching / Filtering

i.e. projects that are disabled are similar to deleted projects with the exception that they can be re-enabled.



2019-04-08 11:48

reporter   ~0061865

Last edited: 2019-04-08 11:51

Still, it’s not worthwhile to completely restrict access. It is often necessary to look at the history of correspondence in issues in a disabled project.
I think we can:

  1. Forbid update issues if the project is disabled. For example, add a project status check in the bug_is_readonly () function.
  2. Allow to view the issue in disabled projects. In this case, the project name can be crossed out as it is done with the user name if it is disabled.
  3. Build a list of issues through the advanced filter. Wrote more in my comment 0025563:0061863


2019-04-08 12:00

reporter   ~0061866

Last edited: 2019-04-08 12:02

Addition to paragraph 2:

  • allow viewing of issues based on user access rights to a project that has been disabled.