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0003588mantisbtemailpublic2012-11-28 05:22
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Summary0003588: Handler may not be emailed when a reported bug is immediately assigned

If users have "email on new" turned off - and in our case, everyone does - then when a bug is assigned in the initial bug report, no email is sent to the handler. This is obviously because of the check around line 248 of email_api.php (in v0.18.1.)

Additional Information

I fixed this locally by adding the following inbetween the two lines of code in the standard email_new_bug() function:

    if( 0 != bug_get_field($p_bug_id, 'handler_id') )
        $t_assign_bcc = email_build_bcc_list( $p_bug_id, 'assigned' );
        if( !empty($t_assign_bcc) )
            if( !empty($t_bcc) )
                $t_bcc .= ", ";
            $t_bcc .= $t_assign_bcc;


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2004-03-03 10:27

reporter   ~0005159

Easier fix for v0.18.2:

  • In email_api.php, modify email_generic() as described in 0003589.

  • In the same file, update email_new_bug() to look like:

    function email_new_bug( $p_bug_id ) {
    email_generic( $p_bug_id, 'new', 'email_notification_title_for_action_bug_submitted', bug_get_field($p_bug_id, 'handler_id') );



2006-08-14 10:40

reporter   ~0013266

Last edited: 2006-08-14 10:40

Under 1.0.5, my email_new_bug() modification just looks like this:

<pre>function email_new_bug( $p_bug_id ) {
email_generic( $p_bug_id, 'new', 'email_notification_title_for_action_bug_submitted' );

if( NO_USER != bug_get_field($p_bug_id, 'handler_id') ) {
    email_assign( $p_bug_id );


This ensures handlers get emailed even if they have <i>email_on_new</i> turned off (but <i>email_on_assigned</i> turned on). It's possible this could end up generating more emails than you ideally want - the extent of this depending on your particular setup - but at least notifications are always sent. I think for typical setups that someone will only receive a redundant email when a bug is reported and immediately assigned to them in a project where they receive notifications for new bugs. That's the case for us anyway.



2007-05-10 07:02

reporter   ~0014489

Last edited: 2007-05-10 07:03

@morganparry: Thanks for this fix. We had the same problem here (no new notifications => no notification at all).

The drawback of getting more than one email is a general problem. In this case the best way would be to suppress the first email if the second one is for the same sender. This is a general mantis issue (but normally this is handled by just calling email_generic once per script).

Idea for better handling (in theory):

Collect all messages during script processing and have a now_send_collected_emails function at the end of the script.

The collect functions should sort the incoming messages by recipient, then by bug_id. For each bug_id the reasons (example "entered as new bug" + "assigned") could be combined (just collect them into one multi-line-string / array):

"This issue is new.
This issue is assigned to <you>.

... issue overview ...

This of course would be a major change but could solve all those double-email-things. Each script run would always result in at most one mail per recipient and bug.



2012-11-28 05:22

reporter   ~0034413

This might be linked to 0014396. This also applies to the other issues already linked to this issue (0003588).

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