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0006883mantisbtotherpublic2006-07-26 09:08
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Product Version1.0.0 
Summary0006883: Email notification during change status with assign

I'm trying to change the status of a bug and at same time assign the bug on the following page the who will be in charge to manage the bug next. The changing status and the bug assigned to is correct bug the mail tha should go to the assigned to is not sent.
Any idea where the problem could be...


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related to 0006640 closeddhx No email sent when issue assigned through change status 
related to 0007279 acknowledged No email assign notification when bug is immediately assigned 
related to 0006598 new Wrong email notifications are sent if a new issue is immediately assigned ! 
related to 0003588 new Handler may not be emailed when a reported bug is immediately assigned 




2006-03-29 02:50

reporter   ~0012433

Can be related to the custom added $g_status_enum_string and or $g_access_levels_enum_string



2006-04-04 07:26

reporter   ~0012461

I tried with different configuration but the problem persist I attached my configurations if someone can have any suggestions.


2006-04-04 07:27 (42,024 bytes)

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