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0007279mantisbtemailpublic2007-04-24 14:08
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Product Version1.0.3 
Summary0007279: No email assign notification when bug is immediately assigned

When a new bug is immediately assigned, the handler is not notified if he has "new" notifications switched off.

Rationale: In many if not most bigger installations, new bugs are handled by a dispatcher, and handlers do not monitor "new" bugs. However, sometimes bugs are immediately assigned, and in this case, the handler should get an "assigned" notification, just like if the dispatcher assigns a bug.

This should probably be fixed in function "email_collect_recipients", around line 288: if notify_type is "new", the user is the handler, and the user's "owner" flag is set, do not exclude.

This bug has been around for years, this shouldn't be so hard to fix.

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2006-08-14 10:42

reporter   ~0013267

I posted a simple solution in 0003588 that will be fine for most installations.

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