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0006598mantisbtemailpublic2007-05-10 05:13
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Summary0006598: Wrong email notifications are sent if a new issue is immediately assigned !

If a new issue is added it will always be sent as notification "a new issue has been added" but this is not sufficient for the following two cases:

1) a category with auto-assign is chosen
2) the reporter choses a developer to handle the new issue

In this cases the email must be sent also as notification "an issue has been assigned" because the developer may disabled the option to receive notifications on new issues. But if he enables the option to receive notifications on assigned issues he also must receive auto-assigned issues.

Maybe the text in mail should be something like "a new issues has been assigned" to underline the fact that two status changes are made.

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related to 0003588 new Handler may not be emailed when a reported bug is immediately assigned 
related to 0006640 closeddhx No email sent when issue assigned through change status 
related to 0006883 new Email notification during change status with assign 
related to 0007279 acknowledged No email assign notification when bug is immediately assigned 




2006-01-17 10:26

reporter   ~0011950

Wrong severity, should be major! Hope this will be resolved in Mantis 1.1.0



2006-09-30 09:45

reporter   ~0013559

Why isn't this fixed with the solution in 0003588 yet? This would totally fit my needs here. Is there any reason why not putting this in the next release/patch?

I think the only slightly different problem related with this bug is 0006640, all other bugs could have been fixed, too?

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