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Summary0012521: Script to automatically change status

When an issue is fixed, we give the issue status Resolved.
We then allow the "customer" one week to provide us from any comment.
No comments after one week, this script changes the status to Closed.

Additional Information

This script updates issues with a new status if a certain status is there for more than a number of days


days => number of days to take into account to raise warning

fromstat => Status that needs to be checked

tostat => Status to be set

muser => Userid from mantis (Integer)

if not passed as parameter, default values 7,80,90,1 are being used

Should run versions 1.0 and above

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2016-04-20 02:11

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Thank you Very much for the Instant Reply & Support.
I shall be going through the Script and provide the feedback.

Many thanks

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