MantisBT 2.8.0 and 2.7.1 released

MantisBT 2.8.0

Feature release with fixes and new features including REST API issue updates and DKIM support for email signing. This release is the first to have REST API enabled by default.

  • 23396[api rest] REST API Issue update support (vboctor)
  • 23446[performance] Unneeded files delivered if Mantis Graphs plugin is enabled (atrol)
  • 23451[performance] Unneeded code delivered to support unsupported IE9 (atrol)
  • 23460[ui] Useless UI element on manage_proj_page (atrol)
  • 23474[custom fields] Empty numeric fields should be display as empty rather than 0 (community)
  • 23475[custom fields] Empty float fields should be displayed as empty rather than 0 (community)
  • 23477[api soap] Updating issues via APIs should trigger email notifications (vboctor)
  • 23483[bugtracker] Auto-refresh shouldn’t update last visited (atrol)
  • 23488[code cleanup] Usage of deprecated constant (atrol)
  • 23494[html] Wrong class name for tags output (atrol)
  • 23517[administration] Remove unused config option inline_file_exts (community)
  • 13126[plug-ins] Add plugin event EVENT_BUG_ACTIONGROUP_FORM (cproensa)
  • 16133[custom fields] Numeric field accepts floats and displays them as numeric (vboctor)
  • 21225[bugtracker] resolving parent issues inconsistency (community)
  • 22441[bugtracker] Notes are not in the correct order after cloning an issue (cproensa)
  • 22842[code cleanup] Remove php_version_at_least() function from PHP API (dregad)
  • 23493[email] DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) Signatures (community)
  • 23503[bugtracker] Handler user is visible even if view_handler_threshold is configured to not allow (cproensa)
  • 23516[api rest] Enable REST API by default (vboctor)
  • 23518[bugtracker] “show_assigned_names” configuration is not applied correctly in view_all_bug_page (cproensa)
  • 23528[filters] Filter “advanced” mode is reset after sorting through column headers (cproensa)
  • 23537[api rest] Facilitate troubleshooting REST API by displaying detailed errors (dregad)
  • 23543[email] Update PHPMailer to v5.2.25 (vboctor)
  • 23542[code cleanup] Force composer to honor PHP compatibility advertised for MantisBT (vboctor)
  • 23555[ui] Bugnote text area not styled correctly when private by default (vboctor)
  • 23560[bugtracker] Notes added via change status / edit always market private when private by default (vboctor)

MantisBT 2.7.1

Maintenance release for 2.7 series.

  • 23507[authentication] Users can’t change their password when it is blank (dregad)
  • 23512[html] Custom field type checkbox with required status, force to check all checkboxes to proceed (atrol)
  • 23544[installation] Unattended upgrade is broken after moving to Composer (vboctor)

Go ahead and download the release from our website.

MantisBT 2.7.0 released

A feature release that includes both functional and performance improvements.

  • 21654[code cleanup] Deprecate access_has_any_project() (cproensa)
  • 22310[html] Use HTML5 “required” attribute for required form fields (community)
  • 22870[ui] buttons without separation (cproensa)
  • 22871[ui] print_form_button() does not render inline buttons (cproensa)
  • 22872[ui] Make some buttons visible only when hovering on relevant container (cproensa)
  • 23216[tagging] Make tag view threshold work at project level (cproensa)
  • 23225[authentication] Token API does not work with config show show_realname (dregad)
  • 23242[code cleanup] Function project_get_local_user_access_level() is redundant (cproensa)
  • 23248[ui] Project selection dropdown focus on current selection (cproensa)
  • 23267[ui] Misplaced “Reset Prefs” button in user prefs with narrow screen (dregad)
  • 23301[api rest] Request an issue in the REST API fail without warning if an enumeration is missing. (community)
  • 23310[performance] Unused CSS delivered (atrol)
  • 23323[reports] Wrong filter links on summary page (atrol)
  • 23331[code cleanup] New user_get_username() API function (dregad)
  • 22182[ui] Burger menu is sometimes visible without functionality (cproensa)
  • 22492[ui] Regression: Resolved/Closed issues are not shown with a line-through (strike-through) (community)
  • 23264[api rest] Custom fields not been saved when adding issue through the Rest API (community)
  • 23268[db oracle] Error filtering custom fields of type date (cproensa)
  • 23311[filters] “View issues” on changelog page does not show closed issues (atrol)
  • 23367[plug-ins] Add no-op upgrade step in plugin_upgrade() (dregad)
  • 23378[installation] Installation fails when using old but still allowed PHP version 5.3 (atrol)
  • 23381[code cleanup] Unneeded code for unsupported PHP versions (atrol)
  • 23382[customization] Login logo image not configurable by css (cproensa)
  • 23393[administration] Provide some basic operating environment information on manage_overview_page (atrol)
  • 23395[db oracle] Performance issue reading config table with oracle database (cproensa)
  • 23411[performance] Unneeded string copies in general text processing (atrol)
  • 23420[relationships] Resolving as duplicate adds reporter and handler to monitoring list (atrol)
  • 23425[reports] PHP errors and warnings when running Issue Trend report (atrol)
  • 21913[tagging] Unprivileged user can see related tags from private issues (cproensa)
  • 22053[plug-ins] Implement logging functionality for plugins (cproensa)
  • 22245[ui] Collapsed menu entry no clickable in complete visible area (atrol)
  • 23241[filters] Error when changing sort order in filters, due date field only (cproensa)
  • 23243[ui] Narrow space between checkbox/radio button and label (dregad)
  • 23249[feature] When logging the caller function, also print the class name if it’s a class method (cproensa)
  • 23251[timeline] Timeline in view user page resets the user id after dates navigation (cproensa)
  • 23324[performance] Generated css, js code should be cached by browser (cproensa)
  • 23377[other] Textarea custom field entry missing from email (atrol)
  • 23436[filters] Editing a stored filter can’t update projects property (cproensa)
  • 23443[custom fields] Fixes related to custom fields on filters, columns and visibility (cproensa)
  • 05713[custom fields] Custom fields of subprojects are shown in filter for “All projects” but not in parent project. (cproensa)
  • 06872[custom fields] Sort of custom fields does not use data type (cproensa)
  • 16358[filters] Custom field filter does not recusrively read all items from sub-projects (cproensa)
  • 16359[filters] Custom field filters does not take user access rights into account (cproensa)
  • 19385[filters] Filtering custom field show bugs from projects where this custom field has been removed (cproensa)
  • 23223[filters] Custom fields filter does not account for read access at project level (cproensa)
  • 23232[filters] Custom field is showed in filter when the user has not view access (cproensa)
  • 23233[custom fields] Issues returned by filter has linked custom fields that are not available as columns (cproensa)
  • 23260[custom fields] Custom fields of type date are not sorted correctly (cproensa)
  • 23265[custom fields] Filter selection for numeric custom fields aren’t sorted correctly on distinct values list (cproensa)
  • 23266[custom fields] Filter selection for numeric custom fields show values not coherent with custom field type (cproensa)

Go ahead and download the release from our website.