MantisBT 2.22.0 Released

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MantisBT 2.22.0

A feature release including functional improvements and bug fixes, 2.22.0 also marks the end of Internet Explorer 11 support.

  • 0029198: [installation] End of Internet Explorer 11 support (dregad)
  • 0026078: [security] CVE-2019-15539: Stored XSS on Project Documentation (atrol)
  • 0006128: [bugtracker] Ability to add monitors to a bug when the bug is first reported (dregad)
  • 0025162: [plug-ins] Improve plugin schema upgrade error message (dregad)
  • 0025470: [api soap] SOAP API return value does not match definition in WSDL (dregad)
  • 0025749: [bugtracker] error_string() does not allow HTML tags inside of error messages (dregad)
  • 0025774: [installation] Reflect PHP requirements in Composer config (dregad)
  • 0025784: [html] Invalid HTML in manage_config_workflow_page.php (dregad)
  • 0025815: [bugtracker] Users can’t add monitors if access < show_monitor_list_threshold and >= monitor_add_others_bug_threshold (dregad)
  • 0025826: [administration] Impossible to set add/remove monitors thresholds from manage page (dregad)
  • 0025827: [documentation] Improve documentation for monitors-related configs (dregad)
  • 0025848: [code cleanup] Remove get_email_link() API function (dregad)
  • 0025849: [code cleanup] New prepare_mailto_url() API function (dregad)
  • 0025850: [bugtracker] PHP Notices in User API (dregad)
  • 0025851: [printing] Remove hyperlinks on usernames in Word export (dregad)
  • 0021797: [attachments] Add support for pasting images as attachments (syncguru)
  • 0022898: [security] Email for a new private bugnote was send to a non authorized reporter (dregad)
  • 0023725: [time tracking] Time tracking box rendering is broken (syncguru)
  • 0024189: [bugtracker] Status color squares become black (cproensa)
  • 0024441: [tagging] Report issue doesn’t support multiple new tags (dregad)
  • 0024590: [plug-ins] Add EVENT_MENU_MAIN_FILTER to allow complete customisation of main menu (dregad)
  • 0025362: [api rest] REST API support for multiple authorization headers (community)
  • 0025686: [bugtracker] Replace mailto: by link to user profile page in view.php (dregad)
  • 0025839: [html] Leading newlines disappear when editing data in textarea elements (dregad)
  • 0025894: [code cleanup] Remove unused $p_can_report_only parameter in layout_navbar_projects_list() (dregad)
  • 0025904: [documentation] Admin guide: remove reference to unmaintained Firefox add-on (dregad)
  • 0025910: [administration] Simplify displaying of complex values in adm_config_report page (cproensa)
  • 0025911: [javascript] Improve client-side sortable tables script (cproensa)
  • 0025914: [plug-ins]EVENT_BUGNOTE_DATA event not documented in developer manual (dregad)
  • 0025951: [plug-ins] MantisGraph: update Chart.js library to v2.8.0 (dregad)
  • 0025952: [code cleanup] MantisGraph: define Chart.js-related constants in the plugin (dregad)
  • 0025953: [plug-ins] Missing an API function to check if a plugin event has been declared (dregad)
  • 0025961: [tools] PHPUnit tests as run by Travis CI builds do not execute all defined suites (dregad)
  • 0025962: [bugtracker] IssueAddCommand does not create history entries identical to the code it replaced (vboctor)
  • 0025963: [ui] Gravatar plugin should always use https (vboctor)
  • 0025969: [other] bug_report_page is forced to be cached (cproensa)
  • 0025996: [api rest] Missing tag name in error message when creating issue via REST API (dregad)
  • 0025997: [api rest] Invalid JSON response when creating issue with tag by name via REST API (dregad)
  • 0026063: [code cleanup] Glue after String Array is being Deprecated (dregad)
  • 0026066: [plug-ins] Gravatar Plugin Description (atrol)
  • 0026074: [tagging] Creating an invalid tag should fail with an error (dregad)
  • 0026075: [tagging] Tag-related error messages should reference the tag’s name (dregad)
  • 0026076: [api rest] Adding issue via REST API should fail if requested tags can’t be attached (dregad)
  • 0026077: [api rest] IssueAddCommand should create tag specified by name if they do not exist (dregad)

Go ahead and download the release from our website.

MantisBT 2.21.2 released

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MantisBT 2.21.2

Security release for 2.21.x series. All installations are strongly advised to upgrade as soon as possible.

  • 0025995: [security] CVE-2019-15074: Stored XSS Vulnerability in Timeline (dregad)

Go ahead and download the release from our website.