MantisBT 2.23.0 and 2.22.2 released

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MantisBT 2.23.0

Note that this release includes a schema change. Do not forget to upgrade the database as documented in the Admin Guide.

  • 26139: [reports] Move MantisGraph pages to their own tab (dregad)
  • 26374: [api rest] Update GuzzleHttp from 6.3.3 to 6.4.1 (dregad)
  • 22817: [attachments] “private bugnotes” as default setting prevents uploading further attachments (vboctor)
  • 24113: [attachments] Attaching files to a note creates a second note with only the attachments (vboctor)
  • 24577: [attachments] Deleting a note, should delete associated attachments (vboctor)
  • 25935: [attachments] Warning for users when making public notes with attachments private (vboctor)
  • 25960: [attachments] Add files information to EVENT_BUGNOTE_ADD event (vboctor)
  • 25972: [custom fields] Use custom field regular expression in the html input (cproensa)
  • 25975: [custom fields] Manage custom fields page does not show fields in order (cproensa)
  • 26081: [attachments] Switching note to private/public, should impact associated attachments (vboctor)
  • 26083: [auditing] Link attachments issue history events to attachments to determine visibility (vboctor)
  • 10107: [feature] Allow setting reminder bugnotes’ view status (dregad)
  • 21712: [filters] No way to filter “negative” for checkbox custom fields (cproensa)
  • 21733: [attachments] Attachments should be linkable to notes in db (vboctor)
  • 21799: [documentation] Wrong data types in ERD (dregad)
  • 25902: [api rest] Implement IssueViewPageCommand to separate logic from rendering of issue view page (vboctor)
  • 25905: [ui] Inline actions user experience is inconsistent between different features (syncguru)
  • 26062: [filters] Filter for a date custom field fails when no values for this field exists (cproensa)
  • 26092: [documentation] Invalid URL for GraphViz home page (dregad)
  • 26093: [plug-ins] Content Security Policy directive ‘frame-ancestors’ contains an invalid source when http_csp_add is called for it (dregad)
  • 26094: [bugtracker] PHP notice in bug view page when viewing issue without category (dregad)
  • 26098: [documentation] Update ERD diagram to reflect new field in bug_file table (dregad)
  • 26132: [time tracking] Application Error 401 when clicking Time Tracking at the bottom of a bug notes page (dregad)
  • 26134: [time tracking] Bugnotes time spent info is always shown even if time tracking is disabled (dregad)
  • 9802: [attachments] Support attachments associated with private notes (vboctor)
  • 26128: [ui] Attachments displayed with empty user (dregad)
  • 9363: [attachments] Comments on attachments (vboctor)
  • 26195: [api rest] Error requesting issues using saved filter (cproensa)
  • 26082: [attachments] Create a place holder note when submitting attachments without text (vboctor)
  • 26002: [email] “Email on monitoring” not configurable in manage_config_email_page (cproensa)
  • 26095: [attachments] Support inline playing of audio attachments (vboctor)
  • 26096: [documentation]preview_*_extensions config options not documented (vboctor)
  • 26102: [attachments] Support inline playing of video attachments (vboctor)
  • 26109: [db postgresql] check_pgsql_bool_columns: check wrongly suggests that the redirect_delay should be in boolean format (dregad)
  • 26123: [ui] Both “monitor” and “end monitoring” buttons are displayed (dregad)
  • 26125: [ui] “Users monitoring this issue” section not shown if nobody is monitoring the issue (dregad)
  • 26141: [custom fields] Use max length property of custom field in inputs (cproensa)
  • 26166: [performance] Issue view api uses many custom field database queries (cproensa)
  • 26167: [performance] Issue view history api repeated calls to bug_get_attachments database query (cproensa)
  • 26295: [ui] Clone button is not displayed correctly (cproensa)
  • 26326: [bugtracker] Tags are not copied from master issue when cloning (community)
  • 26265: [email] Bump phpmailer/phpmailer from 6.0.7 to 6.1.3 (dregad)
  • 26353: [tagging] Tag attachments list includes tags already attached to the bug (dregad)
  • 26368: [administration] Custom fields selector in manage project page are not ordered by name (cproensa)
  • 26030: [custom fields] Filter value “none” is not available for multiselection list custom fields (cproensa)
  • 26086: [api rest] Update Slim Framework to 3.12.3 (dregad)
  • 26119: [tagging] Add $g_tag_create_threshold to Workflow Thresholds in the GUI (dregad)
  • 26150: [bugtracker] Closing issues via group action with empty note creates a bugnote record (vboctor)
  • 26294: [ui] Attachments without note text are not displayed (cproensa)
  • 26358: [security] Vulnerability from library Moment.js 2.15.2 (dregad)
  • 26367: [administration] Use empty value as default project in “manage project” subproject section (cproensa)
  • 26382: [javascript] Update corejs-typeahead.js library to 1.3.0 (dregad)
  • 26388: [security] Update ADOdb to 5.20.15 (dregad)

MantisBT 2.22.2

Maintenance release for 2.22.x series.

  • 26351: [preferences] Field “EXCEL columns” has space or tabulation (dregad)

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Go ahead and download the release from our website.