MantisBT 2.18.0 and 2.17.2 released

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MantisBT 2.18.0

A feature release including functional improvements and bug fixes.

  • 0024741: [plug-ins] Plugin Columns – Export CSV or Excel – PHP 7.2.7 – crash error 500 – Reason missing 2 argument in call (dregad)
  • 0010411: [bugtracker] Changes to project_view_state and view_state to create only private projects (vboctor)
  • 0024520: [html] Missing fallback for “Open Sans” font (community)
  • 0024774: [tagging] Error Creating Issue with new TAG (vboctor)
  • 0024822: [code cleanup] Code Cleanup (atrol)
  • 0024823: [performance] Performance enhancements of string processing (atrol)

MantisBT 2.17.2

Maintenance release for 2.17.x series.

  • 0024813: [security] CVE-2018-17782: XSS in manage_filter_page.php (atrol)
  • 0024814: [security] CVE-2018-17783: XSS in manage_filter_edit_page.php (atrol)

Go ahead and download the release from our website.