MantisBT 1.3.0-rc.2 Released

This second and last 1.3.x release candidate has 127 bug fixes and improvements.  Some of the highlights include:

  • @ mentions support – mention other users in issue summary, description and notes and they will get an email alerting them to the fact that they were mentioned with the appropriate context.
  • Support for avatar plugins – We still ship Gravatar out of the box, but it is now very easy to implement other avatar providers that can be based on file system or LDAP.
  • Support for user lifecycle plugin events – Added plugin events the handle and extend user lifecycle events (see extensibility section below)
  • Allow administrators to impersonate users – Administrators can now impersonate a user account to verify that it’s access level is as expected or to troubleshoot issues that their users are having with Mantis.
  • Support for notes and tags as columns to configure for view issues, print issues, csv/excel export
  • Support for login using email address – Users can login using either usernames or email addresses.
  • Enforcing email uniqueness – User emails must be unique or empty for service accounts.
  • Enable configuration for email notifications for category owner – The same way it is possible to configure whether reporter of an issue should receive notifications, the same can now happen for category owners.
  • Re-implemented parsing of complex configuration types for Configuration Report – Re-implemented parsing logic in a robust way leveraging standard PHP methods designed to parse PHP expressions.
  • Tagging directly from report issue page – You no longer have to report an issue, then go and tag it, this can now be done in a single step.

Checkout the new release on mantisbt website and report any issues you may find via our official bugtracker.