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Hi all,

I’d like to announce that as of now, the primary Git repositories for the MantisBT project are hosted at Github [1], using the “mantisbt” organization for all official code repositories. I’ve also renamed the development tools repository from “mantisbt-dev” to “mantisbt-tools” for sake of clarity. Commit emails will now be sent to the mantisbt-cvs list from rather than

Regarding plugins, I’ve have created a second organization on Github called “mantisbt-plugins” [2]. Community members with plugins are welcome to join the organization and have their repositories hosted there as a sort of “official list” of available plugins. Simply send a request to the developer list, and we will add your Github account and create a repository that you can push to. Any plugins currently hosted on will continue to be available, although we would encourage moving them to Github as time permits.

Ideally, this move will benefit both community and developer contribution in multiple ways:

  • Github allows for easy “forking” to give users their own repository to develop changes in, and also provides a method to submit “pull requests” back to the development team or plugin authors.
  • Github allows users to easily manage their account and SSH keys for all repositories, and has a much friendlier interface for doing so.
  • Github provides a better repository viewing interface, and allows for superior integration with MantisBT itself via service hooks.
  • A central plugin organization will allow core developers better access to orphaned or unmaintained community projects.

If you have any questions about Github or the process of moving plugin repositories, please send a message to the developer mailing list.



7 thoughts on “MantisBT Moving to Github”

  1. I think this is a great idea. I’ve been considering getting my hands dirty and submitting a few fixes. Moving to GitHub will certainly help this with the easy forking etc.

  2. The current 1.3 development branch should be fairly stable in the current state you find it. We could release 1.3 based on the branch (with a few corrections in the meantime) however it wouldn’t really accomplish much. Most of the changes are behind the scenes and would therefore cause disruption without much noticeable benefit to end users. There are some user visible changes – modernization of the UI in places, Javascript rewrite to support X-Content-Security-Policy and minor feature additions.

    The ‘next’ branch is where we’re trying out some experimental things that can hopefully be merged into ‘master’ in the next few months. A complete rewrite of error handling, database access and numerous other changes will better justify the disruption caused to users with a new major release.

  3. Hi, could you please add aditional hints on how to submit a mantis plugin to github “mantisbt-plugins”. Can I send a request to the developer list without having to subscribe to the list first? (How?)


  4. Hi, You said back in July the new version of 1.3 will be released in a couple of months, any idea of when and have you confirmed any upgrades to it now from your recent testing

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