MantisTouch v1.1.1 Released

First off, I would like to start by thanking MantisTouch users for their positive feedback.  The v1.1.1 release has several improvements that addressed issues and feature requests that were reported so far.  The detailed change log can be found here, with the following highlights:

  1. Fix timezone translation issues, this includes a fix in both MantisTouch and MantisBT.  Hence, the proper behavior will happen when using v1.1.1 with v1.2.9.
  2. Improvements to README file to make requirements explicit and provide more detailed steps.
  3. Provide a friendly error message when the target MantisBT instance doesn’t run MantisBT v1.2.5 or above.  However, it is highly recommended to use MantisBT v1.2.9.
  4. Use the new MantisBT logo.
See MantisTouch website for more details about the product or to get your own instance which provides a mobile friendly user interface for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

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