Screen capture tool for Mantis Windows users

Good news for Mantis users with Windows client desktops.  A Cropper plugin is now available to allow you to easily take screenshots (for specified regions) and send them directly to an issue into Mantis.  This tool has a dependency on MantisConnect which is now shipped as part of Mantis 1.1.0x releases.  The tool can be download from here.

The options dialog is used to specify the URL to the MantisConnect webservice, the user name and password.

Options Dialog

Following is the screenshot details dialog which allows the user to specify the issue the screenshot should be attached to.  It also allows the user to specify the name of the file that will be attached.  As the user types the issue id the subject of the issue will be fetched to provide the user with info about the issue confirming that the provided id is the correct one.  Users can also enter a note to be added along with the screenshot.  All screenshot are added in JPG format.

Screenshot Details

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  1. I am student at National University and expolring Mantisbt and want to utilise this tool for student project

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