MantisBT 2.0.0-beta.3 Released

This release delivers a bunch of modern UI specific fixes (16 see changelog for 2.0.0-beta.3) along with the fixes merged from 1.3.2 release (19 see changelog for 1.3.2). Providing a total of more than 35 fixes compared to the beta.2 release. All 2.0.0-beta.* users are encouraged to upgrade. This release still uses the same database schema as 1.3.x release and hence it is easy to test this side-by-side with the 1.3.x classic UI based releases.

Go ahead and download the release from our website.

4 thoughts on “MantisBT 2.0.0-beta.3 Released”

  1. Hi

    Thanx for your hard work, but is there a roadmap for version 2. we need a release date.

    Thanx again

    1. Hi Slix,

      I’m targeting end of the year of early 2017, depending on community feedback.


  2. Hi,
    it really looks great.
    The thing missing is the support of 3rd party plugins.
    I can’t find any in the web. Do you have an internal list/reference to additional plugins which work with 2.0.0?
    Thanks for your great work

    1. Hi Neils,

      You can find plugins in the usual place at:

      You should check the readme file of each of the plugins for the compatibility with 2.x and the branch to use for installing the plugin for 2.x releases.


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