Mantis Integration with CVS and Subversion

Mantis supports native integration with CVS and Subversion (SVN). In addition it can integrate with other configuration management applications via Scmbug (a Perl open source application).

  • “Scmbug integrates software configuration management (SCM) with bug-tracking. It aims to solve the integration problem once and for all. It will glue any source code version control system with any bug tracking system.”

Following are some related resources that may be useful if you are trying to integrate Mantis with CVS/SVN so that new notes are added to issues as check-ins are made, or to have your ViewCVS of WebSVN tools link back to Mantis when they find a reference to an issue using the #123 syntax.

Hopefully this post will provide a good starting point for anyone who is after implementing such integration. If anyone works on implementing a richer integration than what is offered above or things of better way of integrating such tools together, please report an issue in the bug tracker and attached the necessary details (if applicable).

5 thoughts on “Mantis Integration with CVS and Subversion”

  1. I must admit, after countless hours of testing every available piece of open source (and third party), Mantis beat them all hands down. At UPS we used DevTrack and this blows it out of the water! I love this app and look forward to seeing what future versions have to offer!

    – Rick

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