Automattic (WordPress) acquires Gravatar

In Mantis 1.1.x we have added a feature to integrate with the gravatar, a global avatar service allowing users to define their avatar once and use it from any websites that support the service.  Although it was neat service, it was having some struggles with scalability.  It is great to see that Automattic (the company behind WordPress) has acquired gravatar.  According to the announcement, the service has already been migrated to WordPress servers and is already serving avatars three times faster than the original service.  Avatar had 115K avatars, after acquisition it is now merged with WordPress pool of over 1M avatars.

Mantis 1.1.0rc1 Released

Are we there yet? Well almost! I’ve been getting a lot of questions lately about when 1.1.0 gold will be out. We are almost there, with the arrival of the rc1 release, we are now in feature freeze and have already branched the code. Hence, any new development will now go into 1.2.0 code base and the 1.1.0 branch will only get critical bug fixes and localization updates. This will allow us to quickly reach the proven stability status and hence be able to release 1.1.0 gold. I am optimistic that this can happen pretty quick since this rc1 came after four alpha releases that were deployed in a lot of production sites including our own official bug tracker. Continue reading “Mantis 1.1.0rc1 Released”

Mantis 1.1.0a4 Released

This is the fourth alpha release for Mantis 1.1.0. It is likely to be the last alpha. The next release is planned to be an rc1 release with which we will branch the code and implement a feature freeze. This release has more than 100 features and bug fixes including addition of MantisConnect SOAP API, Twitter integration, permalink filters, MediaWiki integration, custom relationships, more reporting in summary page, project info page, 6 security fixes and a lot of other fixes and improvements. It is a recommended upgrade for all 1.1.0aX installations. Continue reading “Mantis 1.1.0a4 Released”

Issue Relationships now customizable

Starting Mantis 1.1.0a4, it is possible to add your own custom relationships. This means that you are no longer limited by “related to”, “parent of”, “child of”, “duplicate of” and “has duplicate”. Although the standard relationships ought to be enough for most users, we always aim to provide extensibility to allow Mantis users to customize their installations. Continue reading “Issue Relationships now customizable”

Mantis SOAP API out-of-the-box in v1.1.0a4

As of Mantis 1.1.0a4, MantisConnect web service will be released out-of-the-box with Mantis under the GPL license. The MantisConnect project will remain focused on the client libraries for the web service and useful tools on top of such libraries. Continue reading “Mantis SOAP API out-of-the-box in v1.1.0a4”