Mantis Permalinks for Filters

Up until Mantis 1.1.a03, it was possible to create filters, save them, mark them as public to share them with other users, but it was not possible to send a filter criteria Permalink (see #7982) that another user can visit to get the same filter criteria. Note that I said filter criteria rather than the filter results. This are two reasons:

  • The user who got the link, may apply it after the data has changed, hence the matching results may be different.
  • The user who got the link may have different access privileges on the matching results and hence the results may be different.

The most important point to be aware of, is that even with a permalink, a user will only see the issues that are matching the criteria and are accessible to the user. This is similar to how a public filter used to work before.

Mantis 1.1.0a4 implements this Filters Permalinks and support for automatically creating short URLs for them. This is currently implemented using a configurable third party service like

Thanks to Zend for sponsoring the development of this feature.

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