Mantis Integration with MediaWiki

In Mantis 1.1.0a1, a plug-in model has been implemented to support integrating with any Wiki engine. This release shipped with a plug-in that integrates with DokuWiki . Since then some users were asking about support for MediaWiki (which seems to be the most popular Wiki engine, largely due to Wikipedia). Mantis 1.1.0a4 will ship with the plug-in that integrates with MediaWiki, thanks to “dennehym” (see #8054). The good news is that this plug-in is 46 lines (not including header and comments), so if you would like Mantis to integrate with “your-favourite-wiki”, then I would really encourage you to go ahead and implement one. The plug-in model for Wiki integration was designed with simplicity as the priority as opposed to very tight and rich integration, so using DokuWiki and MediaWiki plug-ins as examples, I would expect that you should be able to support your favourite Wiki in no more than 15 minutes. And once you do that, you know what to do :), go ahead and submit an issue to the bug tracker and attach the plug-in. It will then be integrated into the next release.

4 thoughts on “Mantis Integration with MediaWiki”

  1. It really is quite simple to write the plug-in, but you do need to consider how you want the Wiki pages to be created – do you want a page per project with bugs at different anchorpoints or a seperate page per bug or whatever?

    -“dennehym” 😀

  2. hmm, I’m a little slow, I can’t quite get it working with moinmoin, it just returns to the “my view” page when I click the wiki link.

  3. Shawn, report an issue in the bug tracker and attach your current implementation. We can then have a look and see if we can help you getting it to work.

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