MantisBT 1.2.8 Released

Hi all,

MantisBT 1.2.8 is a security update for the stable 1.2.x branch. All installations that are currently running any 1.2.x version are advised to upgrade to this release.

Paulino Calderon from Websec, High-Tech Bridge Security Research Lab and Paul Richards discovered 3 vulnerabilities:
– 1x local file inclusion (LFI)/directory traversal
– 2x cross site scriptin (XSS)

These vulnerabilities could have very severe consequences for users of MantisBT, particularly as a result of the local file inclusion vulnerability. If an attacker can upload their own PHP script to the server as an attachment, they may be able to execute this script using the LFI vulnerability.

Refer to issues #13191 and #13281 for detailed information:

A full changelog for 1.2.8 can be found at:

The release can be downloaded at:


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