MantisTouch delivers MantisBT for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone

Several years ago, we’ve provided a MantisBT phone optimized interface using MantisWAP, since then the smart phone market has changed significantly.  The smart phones are much more capable, more users have them and expectation is that all services have phone optimized apps.  This has triggered the development of a more modern and frictionless solution via MantisTouch which you can access here.

MantisTouch is an HTML 5 client that is optimized for the phone screen size and the touch interaction model.  Unlike MantisWAP, MantisTouch usage doesn’t require updating the MantisBT installation or even involvement of the MantisBT administrator to enable access for MantisTouch.  MantisTouch acts as a proxy that provides access to MantisBT 1.2.x instance via utilizing SOAP API.

The choice to go with the HTML 5 approach provides a universal experience across multiple phone platforms including iPhone, Android and Windows Phone.

Users are encouraged to provide feedback using the MantisBT official bug tracker under the MantisTouch project.  You can also provide feedback using the “Send Feedback” MantisTouch feature.  It would help if you always provide the MantisTouch version, MantisBT version, Phone type, along with the feedback.  When applicable, also attach screenshots.  The version numbers are available on the MantisTouch about page for your convenience.

Looking forward for your feedback and hoping that MantisTouch will be a game changer when it comes to access of MantisBT on the go.

4 thoughts on “MantisTouch delivers MantisBT for iPhone, Android and Windows Phone”

  1. Excellent work, I assume this will be available eventually as part of the downloadable Mantis? We use the app via VPN so obviously cannot use a web based solution that isn’t within our network.

    Can’t wait, such a much needed update to the Mantis GUI, be nice if this theme replaced the current gui too.

  2. A great idea in our workplace. But for some reason, when I put our intranet page in the Mantis URL, and use my username and password, I can’t log in. I now just use the intranet on a separate tab. I am using an Apple iPad2.

    Hope this can be fixed soon. Keep up the good work guys!

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