Mantis 1.1.0 Released

After 4 alpha releases, 3 release candidates and over 400 features and bug fixes, Mantis 1.1.0 gold is finally released. The highlights of the Mantis 1.1.0 release include:

  1. Inclusion of MantisConnect (SOAP API) out of the box
  2. Wiki integration (dokuwiki, mediawiki, xwiki),
  3. Email queuing,
  4. Gravatar integration,
  5. DB2 support,
  6. Tagging,
  7. Filtering perma links,
  8. Time tracking,
  9. Twitter integration,
  10. UTF8 support,
  11. Generic configuration page,
  12. Show last visited issues,
  13. XHTML compliance,
  14. Authenticated RSS,

For Mantis instances that use non-latin characterset, there is no automated upgrade path for data already in the database. Hence, this wiki page guides you through the upgrade process. Please backup before you attempt to upgrade. It is also recommended to test the upgrade process on a backup instance rather than the live one.

Note: As per our previous post about “Dropping PHP 4.x Support“, it is important to note that Mantis 1.1.x release / maintenance releases will be the last Mantis release with PHP 4.x support. See bug #8681 for a fix of a PHP 4 compatibility issue with Mantis 1.1.0 release.

Following are some Mantis related services:

  • Mantis Download Page
  • Mantis Blog – The blog is used for news and updates relating to Mantis. The old news feature on the home page will be phased out and replaced by the blog. Users are encouraged to subscribe to the blog RSS feed.
  • Mantis Twitter – Twitter will is used for keeping Mantis users (followers of Mantis twitter) updated with all issues that are resolved in the bug tracker and manual updates that are added relating to releases, etc. If you have a Twitter account, it is recommend that you follow “mantisbt” Twitter account.
  • MantisWAP: Access Mantis from your cell phone / PDA.
  • MantisConnect: Access Mantis via Webservice from Java, .NET, Cocoa, and others (the webservice is now included out-of-the-box with 1.1.0a4, however, the client libraries will remain hosted by MantisConnect project):
  • Forums: Mantis support forums. Please use the forums so that you can get more prompt responses and others can benefit and contribute. Please do not use “Contact Us” page for support.
  • Wiki: Documentation, Requirements, How-To Guides, etc.
  • Bug Tracker: Official Bug Tracker to report Mantis Bugs and Feature requests.
  • Mantis Demo: A demo instance
  • Mantis Manual

13 thoughts on “Mantis 1.1.0 Released”

  1. Please note that PHP4.4 users will find a bit of a bug…. please search the FORUMS for the answer.

  2. PHP4-Support WILL be dropped?
    I just installed 1.1 on a PHP4 machine and it complains that stripos() is undefined, which clearly is an PHP5 function.

  3. Fatal error: Call to undefined function: stripos() in /usr/local/ 104 $t_soap_api_path_pos = stripos( $t_path,0, $t_soap_api_path );
    apache/htdocs/mantis1.1/config_defaults_inc.php on line 104

  4. Where do i find release notes or info on what has been added/fixed in 1.1.0. This new website is harder to navigate…. Thx.

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