MantisBT 1.1.7 Released

MantisBT version 1.1.7 is a maintenance update for the stable 1.1.x branch. All installations that are currently running any 1.1.x release are advised to upgrade to this release.

This release cleans up most of the remaining issues in the 1.1.x series, and is perhaps the final release of 1.1.x before finalizing 1.2.x development.

The release changelog can be found on our changelog page.

It can be found on our download page.


12 thoughts on “MantisBT 1.1.7 Released”

  1. Sth. is wrong with the polish translation in this version.
    When I change language into english and upgrade mantis to this version – everything is ok.
    When I try to change language I get blank page, tha same is when I try to upgrade when I have default language polish.

  2. I tried to use new version of Mantis but didn’t get what’s the sue of Target version kind of field and from where can i update that field.
    Is it same as Product version?

  3. Hi there,
    Iam QA Analyst in VistaVu Solutions and i successfully install Apache Tomcat Server but am just struglling how to configure php into it.I copied the php folder and paste into Apache Tomcat still it says “The requested (Mantis)is not available on Tomcat server.Any help will be greatly appreciate.

  4. Dear All,

    I have some problem with mantisbt 1.0.7.

    I successfully installed mantis but after installation login_page.php is blank.

    for this error i heard some blogs/forums to remove white spaces from config_inc.php and i do but error still exists.

    can someone help me.

    thanx in advance

  5. I tried to download it the Mantisbt 1.1.7 for Mac OS and i couldn’t. I don’t know why!!! in my computer apears a folder calls mantis but that’s it. Inside this folder there a lot of documents php but nothing to do the ejecution of the program, nothing to install…could anybody help me? tell me please how i have to do it!!

  6. how can i delete my account of this website? i dont want to be an user anymore

  7. when i instal the option i have this error :” Attempting to connect to database as admin ” & ” BAD Does administrative user have access to the database? ( Accè³ refusé °our l’utilisateur: ‘y’@’@localhost’ (mot de passe: OUI) )” what does mean please ? I have a big project, please reply me to thank you very much !

  8. if it’s possible, your help will be less complicated if it’s on french.. thank you..

  9. Polish is definately borked in this version. There is a missing closing quote.

  10. Mail not working. I have been trying to get Mantis 1.1.7 to consistently send email via smtp. It does not work.

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