MantisBT 2.10.0 and 2.9.1 released

MantisBT 2.10.0

A feature release including functional improvements and bug fixes.

  • 22789: [api rest] Support retrieving user defined filters (vboctor)
  • 22790: [api rest] Support standard filters defined by the system when retrieving issues (vboctor)
  • 23690: [api rest] Support deleting filters (vboctor)
  • 23710: [code cleanup] Remove usage of deprecated function __autoload (vboctor)
  • 09007: [time tracking] Billing summary does not include sub-projects (community)
  • 23722: [time tracking] Don’t print time tracking buttons and export links (community)
  • 23723: [time tracking] Support configurable default billing rate (community)
  •  23724: [time tracking] Removed useless collapse icon with duplicated title in billing report (community)
  • 23679: [administration] Limit change of impersonation threshold to global config (atrol)
  • 23742: [html] Broken url for MantisBT logo in admin section (community)
  • 23753: [ui] UI of Update Product Build page broken (atrol)

MantisBT 2.9.1

Maintenance release for 2.9.x series

  • 23719: [administration] The reporter can not solve or close the issue (vboctor)
  • 21393: [administration] When disable “Update an issue”, then “Assign to” become access deined. (vboctor)
  • 22093: [administration] Reporter can’t change status of a bug (vboctor)
  • 23721: [bugtracker] PHP error in change status page when user doesn’t have access to private notes (vboctor)

Go ahead and download the release from our website.


3 thoughts on “MantisBT 2.10.0 and 2.9.1 released”

  1. Is it intentional that this blog post (and the related social media posts) is almost exactly one month late? It seems like these release announcements should be automated on all channels as much as possible, so that people get notified of updates at the earliest possible moment.

    1. You’re absolutely right, in an ideal world everything would be automated. Sadly we do not have the time and resources to implement such automation, and consequently we rely on a manual process which is subject to human error; in this case, we simply forgot to publish the announcement in due time. **it happens, as the saying goes… Apologies for the inconvenience.

    2. For the record: I changed the post’s published date, not to hide the fact that it was posted late, but to reflect the actual release date.

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