Introducing MantisHub – MantisBT as a Service

MantisHub Logo

MantisBT has been known for being easy to setup across a variety of platforms due to it being a PHP app that is designed to reduce installation friction.  However, often users wanted a quicker way of getting started.  They didn’t want to worry about setting up a web server, installing MantisBT, managing it, doing backups, upgrades, and being on point to answer support questions.

As a first step, we offered one-click installs for MantisBT.  That helped customers to get started quicker, but they still had to worry about security patches, upgrades and support.

I’ve been working on making this better for a while, and I’m now happy to announce the launch of MantisHub.  MantisHub is for MantisBT what GitHub is for Git.  It is MantisBT as a service.  Allowing users to signup and be up and running in less then 1 minute.  They can then try MantisBT for a month and then decide whether they want to continue using it or not.  No credit card required until the end of the trial period.

MantisHub also offers MantisTouch for mobile access.  Allowing your users to get a mobile friendly interface when accessing your MantisBT instance from any modern phone.  Just visit to get the MantisTouch interface.  This is a $100 value.

Going forward, MantisHub will also replace the shared demo instance.  Hence, allowing each user to trial the full MantisBT experience including administrative features in a dedicated instance.  Demo instances will be available for 30 days with no credit card requirement, and users will be able to upgrade them to a paid plan at the end of the trial.

Through running MantisHub service, the experience of running MantisBT at scale will provide good insights that I’m planning to translate into improvements to MantisBT core.  So go ahead, get a free trial and provide feedback!