MantisBT 1.2.0rc1 Release Candidate 1

This release marks the first “stable” release in the 1.2.x series of MantisBT. The 1.2.x series is now officially feature complete, and this build is ready for official testing in non-critical installations. This release is a good representation of a final 1.2.0 build.

A full changelog for the 1.2.x series can be found on the official site. [1]

There are many new features added to 1.2.x, including:

  • Converted the MantisBT Manual to Docbook format, and added a new Developer’s Guide manual, both of which are compiled and included in every release.
  • Implemented a plugin system with many plugins already released [2]
  • Global categories available to all projects, as well as project categories inheriting from parent projects to child projects; both are optional
  • Tracked change history for textarea fields (Description, etc) and bug notes
  • Customizable sets of columns for View Issues page and export formats
  • Improved roadmap and changelog pages, including version release dates, and permalinks to individual versions
  • Marking versions as obsolete to hide them from the roadmap and changelog
  • More configuration options for rebranding MantisBT installations
  • Improved support for PostgreSQL databases
  • Improved support for UTF-8 localizations and content
  • Implemented custom search providers for Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Implemented localized timestamps using according to user-preferred timezones

There have also been many improvements to the codebase beyond adding features:

  • Migrated to parameterised database queries throughout the codebase for both performance and security improvements
  • Added PHPDoc compatible documentation to all internal API’s
  • Removed many hardcoded references to access levels and other enumerations, for improved customizability.
  • Migrated away from DATETIME fields to integer timestamps for timezone usage
  • All 3rd party code is now contained within the library/ path, including documentation on library versions and any patches applied

As usual, downloads can be found on the download page:

[1] The changelog is split between multiple releases: 1.2.0a1, 1.2.0a2, 1.2.0a3 and 1.2.0rc1.

[2] MantisForge is now the preferred code collaboration site for MantisBT, including free hosting of MantisBT-related Git repositories for development of contributions to MantisBT itself or community plugins.


23 thoughts on “MantisBT 1.2.0rc1 Release Candidate 1”

  1. @wst, yes the upgrade from 1.2.0a1 to 1.2.0 (rc1) is possible and should be straight forward.

    @AKR, yes you can upgrade from 1.1.8 to 1.2.0 (rc1).

    @Todd, we are planning to release 1.2.0rc2 soonish. We will release 1.2.0 once we have a solid 1.2.0rc released.

  2. hello how r u?
    how to change status of a reported bug and how to change status of fixed bug. fix bug is transfered by developer

  3. I install MantisBT 1.2.0rc1. And I always got “APPLICATION ERROR #2800”
    “Invalid form security token. Did you submit the form twice by accident?”
    error when I report second issue
    by WinXP-IE7 and WinXP IE8.
    But not happend with Firefox 3.0.6 on the same PC platform.

    Server environment:
    Apache/2.2.8 (Win32) mod_ssl/2.2.8 OpenSSL/0.9.8g PHP/5.2.5

  4. There is a major bug in your release candidate. A person cannot do a fresh install. I tell the program to make the admin acocunt “doda”, but it always insists on making in “administrator” and I personally have no idea what password it is setting. So please fix this before the final release.

  5. I am not going to use Mantis. I have spent over an hour, and the stupid program is still not installed. Why does a bug tracking software have so many “bugs”? A person has to have email access setup in order to create a user account. Why? I am installing this on a local system. I don’t need email, and I am not going to setup an email server just to install a bug tracker. An administrator should have the ability to set a initial password and enable an account.

  6. @Melissa Newman: I’ts a RC. Although RC are usually stable, it’s not meant to be bug free.

  7. …. long time no update, RC1 released back in June …. what’s the current state of the project, when will 1.2.0 likely be released? are there any major issues in the way of a release?

  8. Hi all, Do somebody knows when the 1.2 will be officialy released?

    Another question… has Mantis development team any problems with resources I am seeing the website and other stuffs are not being updated since a while….

  9. Does anyone know how to change the level at which a person can clone tickets? We are trying to have a person who is able to clone tickets, but not see private notes. The ability to clone tickets is currently showing up for Managers and Administrators only. The problem with this is that I do not want to make all of my other Mantis users who will need to see the private notes Administrators.

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