MantisBT 1.2.0rc2 Release Candidate 2

This release marks the second “stable” release in the 1.2.x series of MantisBT. The 1.2.x series is now officially feature complete, and this build is ready for official testing in non-critical installations. This release is a good representation of a final 1.2.0 build.

A full changelog for the 1.2.x series can be found on the official site. [1]

There are many new features added to 1.2.x, including:

  • Converted the MantisBT Manual to Docbook format, and added a new Developer’s Guide manual, both of which are compiled and included in every release.
  • Implemented a plugin system with many plugins already released [2]
  • Global categories available to all projects, as well as project categories inheriting from parent projects to child projects; both are optional
  • Tracked change history for textarea fields (Description, etc) and bug notes
  • Customizable sets of columns for View Issues page and export formats
  • Combined simple and advanced views into a single, configurable view that allows selecting exactly what fields to show or hide
  • Improved roadmap and changelog pages, including version release dates, and permalinks to individual versions
  • Marking versions as obsolete to hide them from the roadmap and changelog
  • More configuration options for rebranding MantisBT installations
  • Improved support for PostgreSQL databases
  • Improved support for UTF-8 localizations and content
  • Implemented custom search providers for Firefox and Internet Explorer
  • Implemented localized timestamps using according to user-preferred timezones

There have also been many improvements to the codebase beyond adding features:

  • Migrated to parameterised database queries throughout the codebase for both performance and security improvements
  • Added PHPDoc compatible documentation to all internal API’s
  • Removed many hardcoded references to access levels and other enumerations, for improved customizability
  • Migrated away from DATETIME fields to integer timestamps for timezone usage
  • All 3rd party code is now contained within the library/ path, including documentation on library versions and any patches applied
  • Initial support for MySQL 6 and PHP 5.3

[1] The changelog is split between multiple releases: 1.2.0a1, 1.2.0a2, 1.2.0a3, 1.2.0rc1 and 1.2.0rc2.

[2] MantisForge is now the preferred code collaboration site for MantisBT, including free hosting of MantisBT-related Git repositories for development of contributions to MantisBT itself or community plugins.

38 thoughts on “MantisBT 1.2.0rc2 Release Candidate 2”

  1. Dear Development team
    My name is Duc – from Vietnam. My own company is using Mantis 1.1.8.
    I have a question for feature in Mantis 1.2.0rc2:
    – Mantis 1.2.0rc2 supports: “Customizable sets of columns for View Issues page and export formats”

    –> So does it mean that Mantis 1.2.0rc2 can print only all columns which have currently in View Issue after customizing?

    Another question is: “Can Mantis 1.2.0rc2 print custom fields in Print Report (Excel)”?

    Please help me to clarify my concerns?

    Thanks in advance

    Duc Dinh

  2. I get the following error during login with 1.20rc1 and 1.20rc2:

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function user_pref_get_language() in c:\Inetpub\wwwroot\mantis\core\relationship_api.php on line 79

    I see someone having posted this in the forums 3 weeks ago with no responses to it. 🙁

  3. @Duc (RE: question 1): You can now enable/disable fields from showing in the bug report, view, update, print pages by toggling some new variables in config_inc.php (or by adding them to the database configuration if you need it per-project). You can almost do the same with custom fields, although you have to do so via the GUI custom fields interface in the “Manage” section of your Mantis install. I think custom fields will always show in the view and print bug pages however. You can also enable/disable custom all fields (including custom fields) from showing in the view issues, print issues, excel output, etc pages (see “Manage Columns” in your user account preferences).

    @Duc (RE: question 2): Theoretically it should be possible. I don’t have/use Excel so I can’t verify it right now however.

    @spaceout: See bug #11033 on’s bug tracker. I think you may have outdated files within your Mantis directory (ie. mixing 1.1.x and 1.2.x files) because user_pref_get_language() is never called or used from within relationship_api.php. Please try decompressing MantisBT 1.2.0rc2 into a fresh directory to see if that fixes your problem. Use bug #11033 for providing feedback on whether the suggestion I made is any help.

  4. Why is it impossible to browse wiki without login on your site? I can’t even see the feature list…

  5. trying this version…

    if you try and export reports to word from the word icon on the url:
    you get the following error:
    missing file: c:\mantis\css\default.css
    happened from both ie and firefox

    trying to open excel report
    from the main vire issues page gave the following error from firefox:
    “problems came up in the following areas during load:”

    from IE I got an error about a missing xml file

  6. Do you know (more or less) a stimated date for lauching the final release (no RC)???

    Sorry for my bad English.

  7. “Global categories available to all projects, as well as project categories inheriting from parent projects to child projects; both are optional”

    This feature alone makes me want to update right now. Of course, it’s better for new projects, but it’s very cool to have it, nevertheless.

    I was planning on launching a platform these days, but I think I will wait until v1.2.0 gets released.

    Thank you very much!

  8. There are a few remaining bugs we need to fix before 1.2.0 final is released. Fortuantly the rate at which bugs are being discovered is starting to diminish, thanks to all the great people out there trying these RC releases and reporting problems.

    Also remember that if you use an RC release, you can upgrade to the final release without any drama. I always advise people to start testing and configuring for your needs early on (straight from the 1.2.x branch). This way, you’re prepared to go live with your new Mantis installation (or upgraded installation) once you’re happy with the stabilitiy you’ve seen first hand.

  9. Hi guys,
    first I would like to say we are using Mantis 1.1.6 on our company since about 6 months and we’re loving it!

    We just tried to update it to 1.2rc2 and we gave up since we saw it’s not compatible with Pluginmanager anymore and currently there is not build-in plugin for “big text” custom field or text formatting (just like bbcode). Do you know when can we count with such feature on Mantis?

    Thanks in advance.

  10. I too am getting an error message when trying to export to Word using this version and the details are such as:

    missing file: c:\mantis\css\default.css
    happened from both ie and firefox as well.

    This does not happen in the latest stable release, so is this a bug?

  11. Same issue as EnticingAcorn.

    I tried on windows 7 with FF, Chrome and IE, and with Word 2007 and Word 2003.

  12. @EricWeiner – The login required issue has recently been fixed but not applied to the official bug tracker yet. It should be there soon.

    @Ravi – MantisBT is not a Microsoft tool. It is open source and you can use it as an internal tool within your organization or host it externally so that it is also available to your customers.

  13. @vboctor,
    We are evaluating Mantis for a new project. We haven’t used Mantis before.
    What do you suggest – 1.8 for stability or go for 1.2 right away?
    If you’re planning to release final 1.2 within 2 months, that would be great.

  14. Hi Development Team!

    I just did my first ever steps with Mantis (1.2RC2).

    I really really love this software and don’t know why I was using Excel sheets for Bugtracking so long.

    However, I have an issue with Mantis and I hope you are able to help me with that.

    Whenever I have attachments to an issue, I am not able to view or use this information later on. In case of jpg or png attachments i get error messages like this:
    SYSTEM WARNING: finfo::finfo() [finfo.finfo]: Failed to load magic database at ”.
    SYSTEM WARNING: finfo::buffer() [finfo.buffer]: The invalid fileinfo object.

    followed by loads of jabber of something that might be my pic:
    ‰PNG  IHDR(„RדciCCPICC ProfilexízWTA×muOdfÈ99g$*’3ˆ….
    followed by:

    SYSTEM WARNING: Cannot modify header information – headers already sent by (output started at /PathToMantis/mantisbt/core/error_api.php:202)

    If the attachment is a zip-file Mantis downloads a html file which looks very similar to the above.

    Bug or Mistake on my side???

    Any help is appreciated!
    Thanx – Great job!

  15. when I click on My View – I get the following

    Fatal error: Call to undefined function mark_time() in /mounted-storage/home45c/sub005/sc33300-QEYA/ on line 211

    Unassigned [^] (0 – 0 / 0)

    clicking on Unassigned brings the page properly on the screen. Has anyone had any experience with this

  16. Is there a fairly easy process for importing tickets into this application? We will need to decide if we will only import the open tickets or if we will import historical tickets a well.

  17. Hi,

    We use Mantis since a long time and we will be happy to install the 1.2.
    Do you know when the final release is scheduled?

    Thank you.

  18. Hi Development team,
    We are using Mantis bug tracker in my company. Using intranet (local IP) within the company it is working perfectly.

    Problem occurs while accessing Mantis from out side the company using external IP, ‘Icons/Images are not loading’.

    This is how the path looks in the config_inc.php file :
    $g_icon_path = ‘../images/’;

    Please help me.

    Thanks in advance.

  19. It looks like all the issues but one have been resolved in the 1.2 roadmap.

    And I see 5 bugs have now been resolved in 1.3…

    Good to see work is occurring, but any idea when 1.2 final will be released?

  20. Its been a long time since 1.2rc2 was released, any news on the final build of BT 1.2 or a new RC candidate?

  21. hi guys im new en the manthis boot sistem i see the demo web page an look very good functions? i ready donloaded the 1.18 version and i get unpaked in a wamp server the last version 2.0.i, on Internet Explorer….i alrready created tables an de data base called mantisbt, then, i try to log in in the sistem with the administrator user, but i dont know the password, also, i cant create another user from the mantis page, because doesnt apear a captcha img, i try run the same page in a diferent broser (google Chrome) but persist the issue. what can i do?, should i run anoter version of mantis bt? Hrlp me please…..

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