Mantis 1.2.0a1 Released

This is the first dev release for Mantis 1.2.x series. The highlights of this version include:

  1. New manual (in Docbook format) – A lot of work has been done into putting together a consolidated up to date documentation. There is more to be done, but I believe we are heading in the right direction. We’ve chosen to go with Docbook XML as the format for the source of the documentation. This can be compiled into several formats including PDF (hosted on scribd, will try to update this regularly), single page HTML, multiple page HTML, etc. So far we have two manuals: administrators guide and developers guide. Eventually the administrators guide may be split into administrators guide and users guide.
  2. Plugins support – This is probably the most valuable addition in the 1.2.x release. In the past it was possible to extend Mantis via the use of custom functions. However, the places where this was available was limited and it wasn’t aiming for development of full plugins, but rather was designed to just tweak certain behavior. With the introduction of plugins, the Mantis community and the developers will be able to add non-core behavior to Mantis, use it, and share it with others. The plugins APIs and events will mature over time and will offer more integration point, however, we will do our best in order to avoid breaking changes, specially with incremental releases. For a sample plugin, see the Twitter clone add-in that is installed on the official bug tracker, we would like to hear from you there 🙂
  3. Refactoring Wiki drivers into plugins and addition of WikkaWiki and TWiki.
  4. Global categories – Users can now define a set of categories that are shared across all projects.
  5. Freemind support (in browser / export) – This is similar to the relationship diagrams are already available in Mantis. However, the Freemind features comes with a built in Flash viewer (hence, easier to get up and running), includes details about the issues, relationships, attachments, statuses, links, etc. It is also possible to export a Freemind file.
  6. This releases also includes major improvement in the export code and the ability to define columns to include in View Issues, Print Issues, CSV, and Excel export via the GUI.
  7. And sixty more features, enhancements and fixes.

Note that this release only supports PHP 5.1 and above (see Dropping PHP 4.x Support). Although our bug tracker is now running on this release, we don’t recommend using this release in production environments.

The digests for the mantis-1.2.0a1.tar.gz file are:

  • MD5 HASH: c9406018df266a6242f17c5c92fab31e
  • SHA1 HASH: 8e29825f94d72b7fbe85aadc1b00f814735b1c81

Or for the

  • MD5 HASH: bab4f6545a618e834c50edb2906ce971
  • SHA1 HASH: f93daed7c85a6a86c414d817b9bdb8d1498efb25

Following are some Mantis related services:

  • Mantis Download Page
  • Mantis Blog – The blog is used for news and updates relating to Mantis. The old news feature on the home page will be phased out and replaced by the blog. Users are encouraged to subscribe to the blog RSS feed.
  • Mantis Hosting – Looking for Mantis hosting + someone to do the installation for you? Checkout our hosting page.
  • Mantis Twitter – Twitter will is used for keeping Mantis users (followers of Mantis twitter) updated with all issues that are resolved in the bug tracker and manual updates that are added relating to releases, etc. If you have a Twitter account, it is recommend that you follow “mantisbt” Twitter account.
  • Mantis IRC Chat – Use the IRC chat page to chat with Mantis developers / users.
  • MantisWAP: Access Mantis from your cell phone / PDA.
  • MantisConnect: Access Mantis via Webservice from Java, .NET, Cocoa, and others (the webservice is now included out-of-the-box with 1.1.0a4, however, the client libraries will remain hosted by MantisConnect project):
  • Forums: Mantis support forums. Please use the forums so that you can get more prompt responses and others can benefit and contribute. Please do not use “Contact Us” page for support.
  • Wiki: Documentation, Requirements, How-To Guides, etc.
  • Bug Tracker: Official Bug Tracker to report Mantis Bugs and Feature requests.
  • Mantis Demo: A demo instance (running Mantis 1.1.x)

12 thoughts on “Mantis 1.2.0a1 Released”

  1. I really like that you have produced a PDF for the documents, but why not just put up a link instead of using scribd … to download it I need to register it etc

  2. It seems the downloaded source was broken , the admin/upgrade folder does not exists. I can not upgrade the database schema.

  3. very good news, i am looking forward to this release.

    have you done any changes to the roadmap?
    the visual presentation could need a few tweaks. 🙂

  4. Hi, Where’s the time tracking (billing) plugin, that is present on the demo page ? I can’t find it in downloaded version 1.2.0a

  5. Hello,

    We have installed the new Mantis version, however it seems that the export of the new colums does not work. Can you kindly advise when is it plan to produce a stable 1.2 version?

    Many thanks

  6. Hello,

    I am trying to download Mantis so that i can keep a track of the bugs. Pls let me know from where i can down load mantis and help other developers to see the bugs

  7. I am trying to download Mantis so that i can keep a track of the bugs. Pls let me know from where i can down load mantis and help other developers to see the bugs

  8. Hi, I’ve just installer 1.2 dev version and it show ‘Internal Server Error’ right after login. It happens in my_view_page.php and view_all_bug_page.php. The rest of the application works right. Any idea?

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