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0015721mantisbtotherpublic2014-04-26 10:22
Reportergrangeway Assigned Tograngeway  
PrioritynormalSeverityminorReproducibilityhave not tried
Status closedResolutionfixed 
Summary0015721: Functionality to consider porting to master-2.0.x

Functionality to consider porting to master-2.0.x branch.

This is a list of issues fixed since the original master-2/next branch forks that will need to be rewritten for the new lang_get [dhx] / database layer [grangeway] functionality

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parent of 0011320 closedvboctor Provide a way to disable the raw configuration management 
parent of 0011291 closeddhx Add support for Lighttpd's X-Sendfile method for sending attachments stored locally 
parent of 0010914 closeddhx Make db_get_table behave like plugin_table 
parent of 0010730 closeddhx Improve random number generation with openssl_random_pseudo_bytes 
parent of 0010059 closeddhx Default resolution to "duplicate" if "duplicate_of" relationship exists 
parent of 0012096 closeddhx On marking an issue as a duplicate add the reporter and handler to the monitor list of the destination bug 
parent of 0012095 closeddhx bug_monitor_copy() should check users exist 
parent of 0012094 closeddhx ERROR_BUG_READ_ONLY_ACTION_DENIED is not obsolete but ERROR_BUG_RESOLVED_ACTION_DENIED is 
parent of 0012085 closeddhx Deprecate $g_allow_close_immediately 
parent of 0011967 closeddhx Problems with EVENT_UPDATE_BUG 
parent of 0011728 closeddhx Attachments error when downloading or viewing 
parent of 0011600 closeddhx Bugnote direct links include mismatched parenthesis 
parent of 0011554 closeddhx Status legend should react to current filter settings 
related to 0011552 closeddhx No errors shown when actiongroup tag attaching fails 
related to 0011495 closeddhx Cannot move core, library and language directories out of wwwroot 
related to 0011494 closeddhx Don't allow *_inc.php files to be called directly 
related to 0011405 closeddhx Add link to bugnote revisions under "Updated on" line (for bugnotes that have at least 1 edit) 
related to 0011404 closeddhx Record dropping of bug revisions in bug history 
related to 0011396 closeddhx difference between closed and resolved 
related to 0010884 closeddhx Make 'edit', 'delete', and 'make private' buttons on bugnotes independently configurable 
related to 0009828 closeddhx Reopen issue access check is wrong 
related to 0009117 closeddhx Please remove projax from mantis 
related to 0012366 closeddhx core/file_api.php uses old-style db_get_table 
related to 0012327 closeddaryn Enhance plugin filters to allow developers to specify the number of columns to use in the bug filter. 
related to 0012314 closeddaryn Plugin filter rows are broken when more than one row of plugin filters are used. 
related to 0012300 closeddaryn Logout button hidden behind issue # box 
related to 0012245 closeddhx Remove extended project browser feature 
related to 0011898 closeddhx Hyperlink issue summaries on my_view_page 
related to 0011897 closeddhx Refactor footer of pages using XHTML/CSS and allow user-specified copyright notice 
related to 0011896 closeddhx Remove [^] "open in new window" suffix from links 
related to 0011893 closeddhx Patch: XHTML validity, semantics and styleability improvements 
related to 0011804 closeddhx allow_reporter_reopen lets reporter make any update, not just reopen 
related to 0011732 closeddhx Remove built-in source code integration support 
related to 0010226 closeddhx No email on 'update->assign' 
related to 0006700 closeddaryn Inconsistent behavior on filter select box 
related to 0006620 closedgrangeway Relationgraph is not displayed 
related to 0006447 closeddaryn The filter table columns shouldn't be used to divide the "Search/Filters" row at the bottom of the table. 
related to 0006178 closedgrangeway relationship graph is empty 
related to 0005147 closeddaryn Suppress product version in filters too 
related to 0005037 closedgrangeway No more rel. graphs with PHP 4.3.10 and Win2K 
related to 0012881 closeddhx Add support for Strict-Transport-Security header 
related to 0012853 closeddhx Registration verification not possible 
related to 0012852 closeddaryn Customization per project are not handled correctly on my view page. 
related to 0012846 closeddhx Error generated structure-dom in views.php for international translate with < and > 
related to 0012718 closeddhx Error php-parsing in /admin/check/index.php 
related to 0012696 closeddhx Typo error on the admin config fields page in documentation 
related to 0012666 closeddhx Mantis uses Refresh: on IIS instead of Location: 
related to 0012641 closeddhx content-type not valid for IE 
related to 0012633 closeddhx Error generated structure-dom in bug_report_page.php 
related to 0012610 closeddhx my_view_page.php: error on line 347 at column 10: Opening and ending tag mismatch: tr line 0 and table 
related to 0012592 closedatrol not well-formed error due to missing space in collapse_api.php (on git trunk) 
related to 0012549 closeddhx Changing status form always creates private note 
related to 0012509 closeddhx replacement for file_get_extension 
related to 0012489 closeddaryn resolution is not updated on re-open 
related to 0012373 closeddhx log_event doesn't log simple string logs 
related to 0012336 closeddhx Syntax error in graphviz_api.php on line 435 
related to 0012205 closeddhx Do not leave feedback status when the handler adds a note 
related to 0011981 closeddhx Do not allow to send a reminder on a private issue to users under threshold 
related to 0011927 closeddhx html_status_legend has code paths that forget to print closing table tags 
related to 0011908 closeddhx CSS class names on View Issues page (patch) 
related to 0006497 closeddaryn Setting view_filters to ADVANCED_ONLY or SIMPLE_ONLY only takes into effect after changing a filter 
related to 0002814 closeddaryn Prefix CSS class names 
related to 0013174 closedatrol Wrong error message when running admin/check.php 
related to 0013171 closeddregad Resetting columns configuration in My Account asks for reauthentication 
related to 0013168 closeddregad my_view_page.php: wide legend causes resized issue boxes to shift off-screen 
related to 0013163 closeddregad Remove limitation on password length with MD5 authentication 
related to 0013150 closeddregad Getting time tracking when no time tracking notes exist generates warning 
related to 0013146 closeddregad Time tracking reporting is only available when billing is enabled 
related to 0013133 closeddregad Time tracking shows entries for users without actual time spent 
related to 0013132 closeddregad Print the time tracking information sorted by username 
related to 0013131 closeddregad Time tracking should print user/real name depending on $g_show_realname 
related to 0013130 closeddregad When getting Time Tracking, scroll bug view page to the section 
related to 0012906 closeddhx Admin Guide docbook fails to build 
related to 0011826 closeddhx Remove all inline JavaScript from MantisBT (use external scripts instead) 
related to 0007952 closeddregad Minor Improvement - Add label near time used 
related to 0005926 closeddregad 'None' filter on checkbox field doesn't return bugs with a blank custom field value (as opposed to null/undefined values) 
related to 0013123 closedrombert Bug notes of type "reminder" display time tracking information 
related to 0013103 closedrombert Error when connecting to API via Mylin 
related to 0013085 closeddhx Manage Tag menu should only work for users with global role 
related to 0013062 closedrombert Make strong a valid html tag by default 
related to 0013021 closedatrol not able to disallow Issue History in printview 
related to 0013000 closedrombert Add soap feature : update a note of a specific issue 
related to 0012991 closedrombert mc_filter_get_issues returns incorrect results for page_number > page_count 
related to 0012946 closedrombert mc_user_pref_get_pref, user_pref_get_pref API call 
related to 0012932 closedrombert Error triggered when adding a task relationship 
related to 0012928 closedrombert Expose note_type and note_attr bug note fields to the SOAP API 
related to 0012887 closedrombert mc_issue_get_biggest_id do wrong 
related to 0012795 closedrombert Handle the 'user_id' property of attachments 
related to 0012794 closedrombert Java Exception when the Issue has an attached file (using mantis plugin in Hudson/Jenkins) 
related to 0012694 closedrombert mc_project_version_update - add parameter 'obsolete' 
related to 0012259 closeddhx Default sub-project not selected in extended project browser 
related to 0012167 closeddhx LDAP port parameter is ignored 
related to 0011282 closeddregad For 1.3.0 - ORA-00918: column ambiguously defined for the query: SELECT DISTINCT m_bug_tbl.* 
related to 0010323 closedrombert mc_issue_update() will set optional fields to default values rather than leave them with current values 
related to 0008553 closeddregad Suggestion: Change menu "Billing" to "Timetrack" 
related to 0013245 closeddhx Cross site scripting and remote SQL injection vulnerabilities 
related to 0013237 closeddhx Incorrect call to require_once within bug_actiongroup.php (replace with require_api call) 
related to 0013228 closeddregad APPLICATION ERROR 0000401 Bug in SQL query in bugnote_api.php 
related to 0013226 closeddregad check.php should verify that default file upload path has trailing slash 
related to 0013225 closeddregad Inconsistent handling of project file upload path 
related to 0013192 closedrombert Gracefully handle empty return for hook EVENT_MENU_FILTER 
related to 0013190 closedvboctor View page doesn't honor view_handler_threshold threshold 
related to 0013181 closeddregad ldap_port obsolete... but not anymore? 
related to 0013167 closedrombert Clone task: allow copying of notes 
related to 0013144 closedatrol German explanation for sending Reminders is wrong ($s_reminder_explain) 
related to 0013124 closeddregad Getting time tracking info yields application error 
related to 0012927 closeddhx Does not install with MySQL 5 
related to 0012759 closeddregad Error loading language string when plugin is not current 
related to 0012288 closeddaryn Minified version of bugFilter.js reverted previous fixes which removed jquery 'no conflict' references. 
related to 0011458 closeddregad Missing attachments can not be deleted 
related to 0010367 closedrombert Moving attachments while cloning issue 
related to 0008276 closedatrol When set a filter to a value different than the default, the color could be changed 
related to 0013290 closedrombert Allow more control over excel export format 
related to 0013283 closeddhx bug_actiongroup_ext_page.php remote file inclusion: action parameter 
related to 0013282 closeddhx bug_actiongroup_ext_page.php does not properly sanitise action parameter before including local files 
related to 0013281 closeddhx MantisBT Security Vulnerabilities Notification 
related to 0013272 closeddregad Hardcoded table name mantis_config_table in install.php 
related to 0013191 closedgrangeway XSS vulnerability dues to usage of PHP_SELF 
related to 0013141 closeddhx wrong args passed to config_get in filter_db_get_filter 
related to 0013140 closeddhx cloning an issue uses incorrect permissions during actual submit operation 
related to 0012998 closeddhx Reset Button with HTTP_AUTH authentication 
related to 0012960 closedrombert Email / Realname lookups against LDAP spew warning when account is not in LDAP 
related to 0012885 closeddregad Reimplement obsolete configuration checks based on obsolete.php as part of new admin/check/ interface 
related to 0012631 closeddhx Replace old inline dynamic filter code with jQuery equivalent 
related to 0012443 closeddhx allows to move a bug into a project with viewer access level 
related to 0012361 closeddhx Can see private bug in MyView / ViewIssues but then 'access denied' when I view it 
related to 0012253 closed Graphviz Graph to display workflow - PATCH 
related to 0012190 closeddregad Typos and confusion in French / English 
related to 0011576 closeddhx New and improved check.php for checking MantisBT installation settings/environment 
related to 0011481 closeddhx Confusing combo on View Issue page 
related to 0013545 closeddregad Admin check for PHP has incorrect logic to verify PHP errors logging 
related to 0013531 closeddregad error in slovak translation 
related to 0013007 closeddhx Moving an issue to a sub-project changes the category to the default category 
related to 0012579 closeddregad Mensaje de error conectandose a mantis 
related to 0012571 closedgrangeway Some configuration options cannot be saved to MS SQL Server (fix attached) 
related to 0011995 closeddaryn Add CSS IDs to html elements for styling and javascript access. 
related to 0011758 closeddhx Adding a bug note should not change the status of the issue 
related to 0009315 closeddregad admin/install.php fails because of wrong ALTER TABLE 
related to 0008250 closeddhx Create Project - Show upload path defined in absolute_path_default_upload_folder 
related to 0008207 closedgrangeway mantis_project_hierarchy_table allows duplicate rows 
related to 0002084 acknowledged A database question 
related to 0013941 closedatrol Missing newlines in Word export 
related to 0013736 closedrombert mc_issue_get_id_from_summary incorrectly checks for permissions 
related to 0013728 closeddregad Various display issues of custom enums cross-project 
related to 0013718 closeddregad Custom severity not displayed cross-project 
related to 0013707 closeddregad Custom resolutions not displayed cross-project 
related to 0013696 closedatrol Project path 
related to 0013682 closeddregad Color codes for custom statuses not displayed cross-project 
related to 0012006 closedatrol Mantis Graphs - Configuration - jpgraph library path not saved 
related to 0011916 closeddregad List of user profiles not sorted alphabetically 
related to 0011323 closeddregad Cross project relationships not picking up custom statuses 
related to 0011124 closeddhx The 'sticky_issues' value stored in the mantis_filter_table is not always stored correctly. 
related to 0013958 closeddregad Extra column in csv export when sponsorship_total >= 1000 
related to 0013938 closeddregad Error when editing issue having version not existing in current project 
related to 0013935 closeddregad Version based filtering not possible 
related to 0013789 closedatrol Invalid usage of function mci_soap_fault_access_denied 
related to 0013538 closeddregad API auth check on specific functions rework / not needed 
related to 0013528 closedatrol SOAP API accesses undefined variable in error handling 
related to 0013496 closedrombert Send all dates in the GMT timezone 
related to 0012324 closeddregad Cannot assign multiple issues with mass manipulation tool 
related to 0011806 closeddregad not necessary instructionss 
related to 0011776 closeddregad Support for Sql Server Native driver (sqlsrv) 
related to 0013765 closeddregad Excel Export ends in infinite loop if number of viewing issues mod 100 = 0 
related to 0013735 closeddhx Corners of plus and minus icons are not transparent 
related to 0013715 closeddregad Export to csv and excel does not work for plugin columns ? 
related to 0013714 closeddregad "$g_notify_flags" config option in web config interface: problem for relationship change 
related to 0013684 closeddregad SYSTEM NOTICE: Undefined variable: t_version_suffix in admin/index.php 
related to 0013683 closeddregad Unchanged workflow settings highlighted as overridden 
related to 0013662 closeddregad Allow selection of subproject versions in bug group action 
related to 0013661 closeddregad Improve messages when errors occur in bug group actions 
related to 0013083 closedrombert Only 50 bugs (default) are shown 
related to 0012082 closeddregad call function token_create error 
related to 0012081 closeddregad call function config_set error 
related to 0011801 closeddregad Permission error when clearing a version field of multiple bugs 
related to 0009034 closedrombert CSV Export with special chars dont work properly 
related to 0007802 closedatrol $g_show_attachments_indicator incorrect in manual 
related to 0013647 closedrombert Support sticky field 
related to 0013646 closedrombert Support profile fields 
related to 0013644 closedatrol Deleting an issue with assigned sponsorship throws error 
related to 0013643 closeddregad Definition of MANTIS_ERROR strings in plugin language file causes check in test_lang.php to fail 
related to 0013571 closedrombert SOAP Api / mci_get_user_id() : added possibility to find user id by email 
related to 0013526 closedrombert It is not possible to retrieve issues for 'All Projects' 
related to 0013491 closedrombert Mark generated e-mails with 'auto-generated' according to RFC 3834 
related to 0013446 closedrombert Add tags support to soap api 
related to 0013435 closeddregad The obsolete checks should also verify configs in the db 
related to 0013193 closedrombert Files served by plugins do not have a Content-Type header set 
related to 0012450 closeddregad default relation type is hardcoded on bug_report_page.php 
related to 0012393 closedrombert MantisGraph graph_api.php:error_text() is broken when using JpGraph 
related to 0012199 closedrombert Cannot add 'eta' to bug_report_page_fields 
related to 0011923 closeddregad Wrong display of user's access level in notes 
related to 0011459 closedrombert Wrong comment delete_other_bug_threshold in config_defaults_inc.php 
related to 0011457 closedrombert Wrong comment LDAP field in config_defaults_inc.php 
related to 0008504 closeddregad Edit project settings form has default 'space' in foldername field 
related to 0004516 closedrombert my_view_inc.php ignores config-option bug_count_hyperlink_prefix 
related to 0013899 closedgrangeway CVE-2011-3755: sensitive information via a direct request to a .php file 
related to 0013690 closeddregad When using LDAP, administrator can't reset "failed_login_count" any more 
related to 0013406 closeddregad Default values for custom fields are not written to database 
related to 0013370 closedrombert CSV export specifies incorrect MIME type 
related to 0013363 closedrombert Application Failure when trying to select an issue 
related to 0013344 closeddregad Username for Categories' default handler is not printed in standard way 
related to 0013339 closedrombert Email notifications through mantis mylyn connector / SOAP 
related to 0013328 closeddregad Time tracking cost column has wrong font size 
related to 0013324 closedrombert Adding or updating issue with mylyn causes error #13 
related to 0013315 closeddregad After Spanish traslator: Application Warning #300: cadena 'directionality' no encontrada 
related to 0013303 closeddregad File attachments cannot be uploaded when PHP's "file_uploads" configuration directive equals "On" 
related to 0013256 closedjreese do not distribute .gitignore file on released tar.gz 
related to 0013060 closeddregad links from excel to mantis 
related to 0012620 closeddhx Plug-ins included through function 
related to 0011662 closeddregad Decimal cost causes error in time tracking/billing 
related to 0011228 closedgrangeway some columns are not working in CSV export 
related to 0009793 closeddhx ActiveXObject emulation hack should be removed 
related to 0013992 closedvboctor Use Gravatar generated patterns based on email hash for users who don't have avatar 
related to 0013901 closedgrangeway SOAP API allows invoking methods without proper authentication 
related to 0013816 closeddregad Enhance history when copying issues 
related to 0013748 closeddregad Can't move bugs from projects with access < report_bug_threshold 
related to 0013740 closedvboctor Support auto-redirection from MantisBT to MantisTouch for mobile browsers 
related to 0013656 closedrombert Reporters have read/write access to existing data of other users 
related to 0013561 closeddregad Any manager can delete global categories 
related to 0013346 closeddregad Enhanced function plugin_config_get() to allow usage of user_id and project_id 
related to 0013341 closeddregad Moving issues with no category (g_allow_no_category = ON) 
related to 0013331 closeddregad Email lookup against non-existing LDAP account displays warning 
related to 0013276 closeddregad missing "attachments" column header in view_all_bug_page 
related to 0010124 closeddregad Bug in access_has_bug_level 
related to 0014118 closedjreese Manual is not packaged with 1.2.9 release 
related to 0014097 closeddregad German 'Umlaute' with closing question mark failed 
related to 0014017 closeddregad Exporting Descriptions, Additional Information, etc. fails. 
related to 0014014 closeddregad Search with number > 2147483647 fails on 64-bit systems with PostgreSQL 
related to 0014013 closedvboctor System notice in bug_check_workflow() 
related to 0013994 closedvboctor Use rounded edges for avatars 
related to 0013993 closedvboctor Support search by email in manage users page 
related to 0013785 closeddregad Include filename and line number in system notices and warnings 
related to 0009954 closeddregad More than one ldap-server 
related to 0004465 closeddregad Turn off 'save login' feature 
related to 0014217 closedvboctor PHP error when attempting to save a filter 
related to 0014090 closedvboctor Private are not rendered any differently than public notes 
related to 0014089 closedvboctor "Operation Successful" notifications are not centered 
related to 0011706 closeddregad Do not show release and obsolete versions 
related to 0013998 closedvboctor Logo is not present on new instalation. 
related to 0007994 closedvboctor New Mantis Logo 
related to 0013691 closeddregad misspelled XHTML in admin/system_utils.php 
related to 0005228 closeddregad Attaching multiple files in one go. 
related to 0014343 closedrombert Undefined property: BugnoteData::$bugnote_text_id 
related to 0014342 closeddhx mc_issue_api function calls to update and modify issues via SOAP do not check for read only issues 
related to 0014341 closedvboctor SOAP API is failing due to PHP errors that are ignored by the web app 
related to 0014333 closeddregad mantis bt switches to https from http 
related to 0014260 closeddregad Unable to reset administrator passwords. APPLICATION ERROR #1901. 
related to 0014238 closedatrol translation files refers a constant that is not defined 
related to 0014185 closeddregad Only first 100 rows of plug-in columns loaded when exporting to Excel 
related to 0014094 closedvboctor mc_issue_add project['name'] is not used 
related to 0014015 closeddhx Users with access level REPORTER cannot delete own attachments despite allow_delete_own_attachments = ON; 
related to 0012129 closeddregad workflow transition to status reopened is always checked for some status on workflow transition page 
related to 0011597 closeddregad No Upgrade instructions from 1.1.x to 1.2 are available 
related to 0007633 closeddregad Saving an edited note should touch bug's last_updated timestamp 
related to 0014193 closedrombert in MantisGraph, function "Show as Graph" produce an unusable result, axis can't be read 
related to 0014191 closeddregad SYSTEM NOTICE: 'Undefined variable: t_project' in html_api.php 
related to 0014188 closedatrol SOAP API update function accesses undefined variable in error handling 
related to 0014156 closeddregad Add Close button for Reporter if allow_reporter_close is enabled 
related to 0014105 closedatrol Access to undefined variable in bugnote_api.php 
related to 0013542 closedrombert in MantisGraph, function "Show as Table" try to open an iframe and fail 
related to 0012293 closedrombert Not all the categories are displayed 
related to 0011726 closeddregad Add a "Hide Disabled" filter option to the Manage Users page. 
related to 0014279 closeddregad Bad layout of the Customizing Status Values chapter of Admin Guide 
related to 0014273 closeddregad Unnecessary use of array_reverse to display bug revisions 
related to 0014272 closeddregad Revision history for extended info fields has wrong date+author 
related to 0014216 closeddregad The filter in managed_user_page.php is not persistent 
related to 0014309 closedrombert Log all SOAP errors to the server's web log 
related to 0014306 closedatrol Tabbing is not functioning as expected 
related to 0014285 closeddregad Revamp Admin Guide / Installation chapter 
related to 0014155 closeddregad Add new Troubleshooting chapter in Admin Guide 
related to 0014122 closeddregad In-appropriate time-out message when reporting an issue needs is shown 
related to 0011744 closedrombert Failure getting tag candidates on MSSQL 
related to 0011661 closeddregad "closed issue become readonly" doesn't work 
related to 0014288 closeddregad Manage User not reachable due to error in PostgreSQL 
related to 0013439 closedrombert Wrong Content-type for various MSOffice documents 
related to 0013377 closedrombert Calling mc_issue_update creates erroneous "Note View State changed" items in history 
related to 0012781 closeddregad Links in the comments look broken 
related to 0012680 closeddregad Custom field name with paranthesis leads to db error message when sorting "view issues" 
related to 0012029 closedrombert minimum length of custom fields of type numeric is not checked 
related to 0011730 closedatrol Attachments do not show properly in View Issues List 
related to 0011338 closedrombert Build internal documentation using phpDoc. 
related to 0012404 closeddregad custom field sort issue on view issues page 
related to 0012371 closedgiallu XSS in print_all_bug_page_word.php when printing project and category names 
related to 0011738 closeddhx $g_session_key parameter is not working 
related to 0006491 closeddaryn After applying a filter, the name of the applied filter is replaced by [Reset filter], which leads to misinterpretation 
related to 0014811 closeddregad Summary page doesn't generate properly because of special characters 
related to 0014805 closeddregad Left and right tables on summary page are not aligned on top 
related to 0014757 closeddregad Header text overlaps bottom div border if there are no subprojects 
related to 0014756 closeddregad Sub project always fails at "check_selected" method when calling print_subproject_option_list 
related to 0014748 closeddregad XML Parse Error when having jpg image as attachment in summary report in HTML 
related to 0014721 closeddregad Error page when generate summary in HTML format 
related to 0013959 closeddregad Fatal error: Call to undefined function excel_format_sponsorship_total() 
related to 0013236 closeddregad add event to print attachment 
related to 0012679 closedgiallu http_content_headers() xhtml headers cause issues on install.php (version 1.3) 
related to 0012441 closeddaryn Unable to update custom fields due to missing function error. 
related to 0012368 closeddhx Remove input side XSS validation of user real names 
related to 0012013 closeddregad Improvements for plugin ImportExportXml (and required core changes) 
related to 0011300 closeddregad Missing namespace in html tag for all pages 
related to 0014720 closeddregad install.php: INSERT INTO mantis_config_table fails 
related to 0014087 closedvboctor Installation script doesn't set the crypto_master_salt causing errors 
related to 0013096 closeddregad Spurious Target Version Behaviour. 
related to 0012957 assigneddregad Password stored md5-unsalted in database when LDAP authentication is enabled 
related to 0012796 closedatrol 'javascript' subdirect should be renamed 
related to 0012422 new Patch: sort by bugnotes count 
related to 0011965 new File download counter 
related to 0011452 closedatrol [patch] Show link to main page only when the news feature is enabled. 
related to 0011230 closedrombert High-ascii characters in fields will cause invalidity in XML. 
related to 0010675 new Made enhancement to the billing page 
related to 0014869 closedrombert Provide a simple API for outputting JSON 
related to 0014842 closeddregad Incorrect matching of versions in print_version_option_list() 
related to 0014788 closeddregad Change Log must consistently rely on fixed_in_version 
related to 0014718 closeddregad Clone cannot find attachments 
related to 0014081 closeddregad Use of DIRECTORY_SEPARATOR in URLs 
related to 0013265 closeddregad Issues counted more then one time if they have multiple relations 
related to 0012112 closeddregad XML Import fails: Column 'profile_id' cannot be null 
related to 0011687 closeddregad Bugs with attachments that are moved will lose attachments 
related to 0011605 closeddregad When a category has a ' in his name, then the filter is not applied 
related to 0009159 closeddregad CSS-Classes missing on Buttons 
related to 0014774 closeddregad Fix issue in tag api with odbc_mssql driver 
related to 0014772 closeddregad Excel export with custom fields are all letters converted to lower case 
related to 0014767 closeddregad Errors triggered when updating custom fields do not inform user what caused it 
related to 0014766 closeddregad Optimize custom_field_update() function 
related to 0014765 closeddregad Usage of db_query in custom fields api 
related to 0014764 closeddregad Custom fields from disabled projects are displayed in view issues page 
related to 0012170 closeddregad SQL syntax error occurs when sorting it by the custom field where special character is included. 
related to 0011114 closeddregad XML Import/Export : unable to associate with category created in the main project 
related to 0011029 closedgiallu XML Import (and export) plugin do not work 
related to 0009725 closedrombert Filter on "Note By" by a reporter 
related to 0014735 closedrombert Permalink does not work when using "Match Type" 
related to 0014731 closedatrol No display of selected filter values when using filter "Note By" 
related to 0014725 closeddregad Manage Project Create and Edit pages are not consistent 
related to 0014724 closeddregad $g_project_override = ALL_PROJECTS does not work 
related to 0014723 closeddregad Force validation of upload path if file_upload_method == DISK 
related to 0014706 closeddregad Last updated date not bumped when custom field changed from view issues page 
related to 0014701 closeddregad Missing project override in project edit page 
related to 0014700 closeddregad Admin > Edit Project Page : Upload Path when stored in DB 
related to 0014684 closeddregad Bad french translation for " Show Disabled" 
related to 0014678 closedrombert Allow resolving a bug when it is reported 
related to 0014677 closedrombert Summary: developer names should be links 
related to 0014673 closedrombert LDAP login performs unnecessary SQL updates 
related to 0014655 closedatrol Filtering of tags starting with '0' not possible 
related to 0014650 closeddregad Improve comments for check custom field length in custom_field_delete_all_values() 
related to 0014032 closeddregad Allow setting the type of Gravatar identicon 
related to 0012187 closeddregad XML Import does not work 
related to 0011115 closeddregad phpmailer 2.3 breaks mail transmission 
related to 0010126 closeddaryn Add a plug-in event to bug_change_status_page.php 
related to 0009368 closeddregad Reminder emails not logged when logging is on 
related to 0006479 closeddregad Direct project link 
related to 0014632 closeddregad Email validation always successful when $g_use_ldap_email = ON 
related to 0014631 closeddregad Email validation needs to be consistent 
related to 0014587 closedatrol Dynamic value lists of enumeration custom fields not working for category 
related to 0014550 closedrombert Incorrect values for date_order field when using mc_project_version_add() 
related to 0014516 closeddregad Custom field needs value when reporting following upgrade to 1.2.11 
related to 0014329 closeddregad Updating bug status should provide event to display mandatory plug-in fields 
related to 0014192 closedrombert Add Exchange header for automessage 
related to 0013445 closedvboctor Add mc_login() for login and to return user data 
related to 0012580 closeddregad Issue x not found (for bug y) 
related to 0012562 closeddregad Mail sent without from address set in config 
related to 0006263 closeddregad Incomplete documentation for $g_send_reset_password 
related to 0014574 closeddregad sql server info during installation 
related to 0014573 closedrombert Updating an issue note view state always sets it to private 
related to 0014558 closedrombert Monitors get lost when calling mc_issue_update via SOAP 
related to 0014552 closeddregad Add a system check to ensure that the ADOdb extension is not loaded 
related to 0014547 closeddregad Email hrefs in bugnotes should include the 'mailto:' prefix 
related to 0014466 closeddregad New Signup user has protected account 
related to 0014453 closeddregad email validation regex does not accept addresses with single subdomain 
related to 0014448 closedatrol 'Undefined index: jpg' in '.../core/file_api.php' line 917 
related to 0014446 closeddregad System warning in html_status_legend() with custom status 
related to 0014443 closeddregad Status changed to resolved and not to the desired value 
related to 0014442 closeddregad LDAP binding calls are made even if $g_login_method <> LDAP 
related to 0014420 closeddregad captcha error 
related to 0014418 closedatrol Alternate text for logo image is hardcoded 
related to 0014399 closeddregad Lack of detailed error message during schema creation 
related to 0014385 closeddregad Impossible to create a new project with fresh install on PostgreSQL 
related to 0013900 closedrombert Improve documentation for mc_project_get_issues and similar 
related to 0013415 closedrombert cloning issue with attachments doesn't work 
related to 0015200 closedvboctor Anonymous access is broken 
related to 0014387 closeddregad $g_max_failed_login_count Enabled Prevents User from logging after passwd reset 
related to 0014356 closeddregad the statistics result in summary is wrong 
related to 0011928 closeddregad Categories duplicated on summary_page.php 
related to 0009826 closeddregad Single project user should default to the project, not All Projects 
related to 0015329 closeddregad Admin page bracketed submenus should use existing CSS for display 
related to 0015328 closeddregad Display of bracketed sub-menus differs from 1.2.x 
related to 0015327 closeddregad Unnecessary blank line above Account sub-menu 
related to 0014744 closeddregad Unicode characters in text field prevent bug display 
related to 0014737 closedrombert Date filters do not work with match type = any condition 
related to 0014630 closeddregad Improve email logging 
related to 0014478 closeddregad The global category "General" can be deleted, but the $g_default_category_for_moves must be protected from suppression 
related to 0014447 closeddregad URLs longer than 152 characters are causing problems 
related to 0014412 closeddregad Calling mc_issue_update creates erroneous "Note View State changed" items in history (issue 0013377 not fixed) 
related to 0014119 closeddregad Use new MantisBT logo 
related to 0014086 closeddregad Default administrator timezone to server timezone 
related to 0011782 closeddregad allow_reporter_reopen should only apply to users with reporter access 
related to 0015389 closeddregad Display of match_type filter property for unknown types 
related to 0015388 closeddregad Update the match_type parameter to be XSS-safe by itself 
related to 0015382 closeddregad Additional improvements to email logging 
related to 0015373 closeddhx CVE-2013-0197 XSS vulnerability with match_type filter 
related to 0015370 closedrombert When a bug is resolved on report, default the handler to the current user 
related to 0015360 closeddregad Add Missing config 'reminder_receive_threshold' in workflow threshold page 
related to 0015356 closedrombert improve error handling in mc_issue_api.php 
related to 0015320 closedrombert Date filters broken since 1.2.12 
related to 0015199 closedrombert Update json api error format 
related to 0014871 closedrombert Add support for the built-in soap extension in addition to nusoap 
related to 0014672 closedrombert Slow performance of SOAP calls due to nusuoap 
related to 0014157 closedrombert Array to string conversion error on soap request with PHP 5.4 
related to 0014009 closeddregad admin/check.php fatal error on PHP 5.1.x (undefined function timezone_identifiers_list()) 
related to 0011854 closeddregad Parameter $g_default_timezone" is not mentioned in administration_guide 
related to 0003693 closeddregad Make the username in Manage Projects a clickable link to edit that user 
related to 0015453 closeddregad CVE-2013-1930: Close button is shown on webpage despite 'close' is not a valid status by workflow 
related to 0015451 closedrombert Incorrect invocations of SoapObjectsFactory::newSoapFault 
related to 0015411 closeddregad Huge memory consumption for print_user_option_list() 
related to 0015357 closeddregad uninitialized library path 
related to 0015280 closeddregad Form in manage_columns_inc.php has misleading name and unnecessary multipart encoding 
related to 0015265 closeddregad custom_field_get_id_from_name() doesn't cache result of obsolete custom field names 
related to 0015264 closeddregad custom_field_get_id_from_name() broken since 1.2.12 
related to 0015260 closeddregad access_get_status_threshold() returns incorrect value for NEW 
related to 0015257 closeddregad Inconsistent use of numeric vs text month in date filter selection fields 
related to 0015255 closeddregad Date filter fields are disabled when $g_use_javascript = OFF 
related to 0015248 closeddregad The order of sending emails is inverted when using cron 
related to 0015247 closeddregad Protected account change still sends email 
related to 0015222 closedrombert mc_project_delete_category fails to delete category 
related to 0015201 closeddregad Summary page fail 
related to 0010130 closeddregad Filter "Assigned to" does not display usernames when project "All Projects" is selected 
related to 0015558 closeddregad url_get() does not fall back to other methods when no data is retrieved 
related to 0015540 closedatrol Wrong example code for custom status translation 
related to 0015522 closeddregad mc_project_get_issues does not report due_date 
related to 0015517 closeddregad mc_project_get_versions() result can't be parsed by C# 
related to 0015511 closedatrol CVE-2013-1931: XSS vulnerability when deleting a version 
related to 0015481 closeddregad Custom fields values are not sorted in the main filter 
related to 0015472 closeddregad email_bug_reminder() API's return array is always full list of recipients 
related to 0015471 closeddregad bug_reminder.php does not handle unsent reminders 
related to 0015470 closeddregad Reminders recipient list is truncated 
related to 0015384 closeddhx CVE-2013-1810 XSS vulnerability on summary page 
related to 0014340 closeddhx CVE-2012-2691 Reporters can update notes of other users by using SOAP API 
related to 0014016 closedatrol CVE-2012-2692 Users with access level >= update_bug_threshold can delete any attachment 
related to 0013054 closeddregad Installer displays a blank page if core.php encounters a critical error 
related to 0010372 closeddregad Don't allow reminders to be sent if the user doesn't have an email address specificed 
related to 0010118 closeddregad lang_get_current() returns wrong language if $g_default_language overwritten 
related to 0010047 closeddregad Adding new statuses section is missing a step 
related to 0002971 closeddregad Reminders are not added to bug history 
related to 0015538 closeddregad Issues list is not displayed when $g_limit_reporters is ON 
related to 0015528 closeddregad Custom fields user has no access to should not be displayed on print pages 
related to 0015258 closeddregad CVE-2013-1811 Reporter can change issue status to 'new' 
related to 0014704 closeddregad CVE-2012-5523 Clone and Move issue with Copy bug notes - user get email notice from project without access 
related to 0014559 closeddregad Adding filter for "Configuration report" 
related to 0014496 closeddregad CVE-2012-5522 Workflow Transitions: Minimal Access Level to Change to this status has no correct 'default' 
related to 0013680 closeddregad Configuration page takes a very long time to load 
related to 0013298 closeddregad commas and multi-dimensional arrays in adm_config_set 
related to 0013280 closeddregad Sort by accented custom field produces incorrect log entries 
related to 0015659 closeddregad Appears @70@ and @80@ in the list of resolutions in the "view Issues" page when mantis is in catalan. 
related to 0015575 closeddregad Turning on $g_show_queries_list causes Mantis to crash with an error 
related to 0015573 closeddregad CVE-2013-1883: One query can be issued via current Mantis interface to take down site 
related to 0015416 closeddregad CVE-2013-1934: XSS issue in adm_config_report.php when displaying complex value 
related to 0015415 closeddregad CVE-2013-1932: XSS vulnerability on Configuration Report page 
related to 0007586 closeddregad generic configuration editor cannot 'EDIT' an option 
related to 0006809 closedrombert Using an 'Or' filter logic 
related to 0015704 closedatrol Wrong description of writing custom_functions 
related to 0015698 closeddregad 'extract() expects parameter 1 to be array, boolean given' in '/srv/www/bugs/account_prof_edit_page.php' line 48 
related to 0015691 closeddregad Config report: retrieval of saved project filter from cookie does not work 
related to 0015685 closeddregad LOG_DATABASE causes 'Array to string conversion' system notice 
related to 0015592 closeddregad APPLICATION ERROR # 0 when editing configuration options 
related to 0010957 new Log in history status 10 (new bug) 
child of 0015720 closedgrangeway Mantis 2.0 Tracking Issue 


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